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Tipping rules for take out?

Asked by emilyrose (2269points) July 22nd, 2008

I never know what to give when I get take out. I usually give a dollar or two depending on how much food I got, but I don’t really go by a percentage. I know that some people get take out to avoid the tip. I live in SF so what would you tip in a city?

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I think you are right on the mark. I usually do the same since the person has to assemble and pack the order. If I order for a large group (at work or something) I go with 10%.

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according to me, the whole point of take out and me wasting the gas money to pick it up is to not having to tip. if it was a large order, i could see myself giving something, but usually i don’t tip for take out.

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I agree with PnL, u don’t need to tip when u take out

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I never tip my take out orders, in Chicago. I agree with PnL and others on this one.

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My job is to take & package take-out orders. I GREATLY appreciate the tips I get because they are verrrry rare. When I ring in an order & receive a tip from the customer I usually check & re-check their order more than I would anyone else’s order. Everyone else I work with also respects those who tip a lot more than anyone else who comes into the restaurant. Especially on a large order tips should be given every time because those are a huge pain in the ass.

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When I pick up an order, I usually tip a dollar. If it’s Curbside pick-up, two dollars. Delivery anywhere between 3–5 dollars, depending on how far away they had to travel, weather conditions, etc… unless there is a delivery fee, and then I don’t tip at all. When I’m in a restaurant, it’s entirely based on service. I don’t believe anyone is entitled to it just because they’re a server or what have you. If the service was truly horrific, I wouldn’t pay someone to give me bad service.

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I wouldn’t tip on take out unless it was a big order.

Taking out and drive-thru are pretty much the same and we don’t tip at the drive-thru window.

A tip is never legally required. It’s interesting to see what other countries think of tipping. “Tipping is frowned upon in Asia and shows anger at the low prices.”

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I usually just throw in 2–4 extra dollars depending on the size of the order. If it’s really big, then I will tip 15–18%.

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