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So, who are you guys leaning towards in the upcoming presidential elections, and why?

Asked by Dutchess_III (42442points) September 29th, 2015

My thoughts:

Donald Trump, Ha ha.

Hilary, not sure.

Ben Carson, hell no. SO disappointed in him.

Bernie?....ummmm. Sort of.

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Bernie Sanders. Because his positions most resemble mine.

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I am feeling the Bern.

But this question is Way Too Early!

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I would like to see a Rubio/Fiorina Ticket. I like Rubio’s vision and Carly would make a good ‘nut and bolts’ partner. They’re both moving in the right direction in the polls and I like to possibilities.

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@Jaxk Fiorina is a flat out liar, she has repeatedly lied left and right for the last three weeks, and she doesn’t know nuts and bolts from cheerios and Chex. She is flat out recognized in tech circles in Northern California as a horrible executive who killed one of the premier companies in the country, and then structured a golden parachute to leave.

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IMO The policies Bernie is positing will make Obama’s spending spree seem down right thrifty and a HUGE deal breaker for me. More spend now pay later policies is the LAST thing this country needs.

@Jaxk beat me to the Rubio Fiorina ticket as Rubio should stand to schmooze the Latino vote so alienated by Trump and Fiorina I think will bring a large contingent of women voters both Liberal and Independent to vote for their ticket. A strong confident woman VP would be a great thing for our country domestically and internationally.

For me this is not a Republicans win at all costs to defeat the Dems….this is all about electing the right leaders and the right time this country so desperately need now.

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@zenvelo So to elect a Junior Senator with ZERO experience off the basketball court is a more intelligent choice to be President??? I think his record speaks to the insanity of that course of action and this country re-elected him! (Face Palm)

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@zenvelo – I’ll let you guys kick around the liar accusations when you start sending them towards Hilary. As for her time at HP, it was troubled times for all tech companies. The aquisition of Compact wasn’t good but that’s why Rubio at the top is good grounding for her. I think they balance better than anyone else on either side.

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Regardless of how I feel about the economy and foreign policy, until they drop ALLl the religious shit, not one of the Reps has my vote (That’ll cause some sleepless nights I am sure). And as for Trump, not a chance in hell. Why do I want my country run on a soulless business model?

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Whoever gets the Democrat nomination. I don’t really care who it is. I always vote and there is no possible way I would vote for one of the Republicans. I thought the last election was where the crazies came out and this time it would be some sane Republicans. Looks like that didn’t play out.

John Kasich seems the most sane but I still wouldn’t let him watch my kids.

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Ted Cruz. Out of all the candidates, his views align with my mine the most.

Bernie Sanders is cancer.

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Growing up in Vermont, I’m a little biased towards Sanders anyways. The fact that I grew up in a place that was run about how Sanders runs things gives him a distinct advantage in getting my vote. I’ve seen what he’s like, seen what he does, and what I’ve seen makes me think that he’s among the best qualified on sheer merit.

So far, I haven’t seen a single viable GOP candidate. The only ones that are pulling decent numbers in the polls are all pandering to the extremist base enough to lose the swing voters (and likely many “traditional” Republicans as well), and the rest don’t really have much shot at the nomination and thus are non-viable simply due to their poor odds of even facing a Democrat next November.

@Jaxk While I can understand how one may gravitate towards Rubio, I cannot for the life of me understand how Fiorina could be considered for executive power beyond the corporate/financial sector. Maybe in the Cabinet, maybe simply as an advisor, but not as a VP.

@Cruiser “More spend now pay later policies is the LAST thing this country needs.”
Quite true. which is why I generally don’t vote Republican. In the decades that I’ve followed politics, I’ve seen a lot more unfunded mandates and even more financial blunders from the Republican side of the fence. Funny how having the same belief can lead people to opposite conclusions.

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@jerv Yes it is funny how Liberals continue to feed peanuts to the 19 trillion elephant in the room while Republicans are trying to figure out how to defund the peanut vendor.~

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Bernie Sanders, reluctantly. Maybe I will write in Elizabeth Warren. Is there a button for none of the above?

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@LostInParadise No, unfortunately there is not. There should be and if no one beats None of the Above we could either re-do it and everyone on the list would be ineligible to run again or we could just leave the position vacant until the next time around. If we did that, we might find we can actually do with fewer of these parasites.

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I don’t have to choose from any of the hopeless bastards, this makes me happy if not a little smug.

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@Cruiser Et tu?

I’m just wondering though, when are we going to pay for the Bush tax cuts, and how about getting those who wanted the Iraq War to pay for it instead of passing the bill to those of us who don’t have high-priced accountants shuffling our assets overseas. I mean, those are a few more trillion, but I guess it makes more financial sense to Conservatives to be penny-wise and pound foolish by cutting the little expenses (social programs) than the big expenses. I mean, look how much money they saved by drug testing welfare recipients!

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Almost forgot this. Where are your trillions now?

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I’m voting for a Democrat. Who ends up getting the nomination is who I will vote for.

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I support Rand Paul because I agree with him the most. It’s a shame he isn’t doing so hot.

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@jerv We won’t pay off the Bush tax cuts anytime soon since Obama extended them in 2010 with the Tax Relief, Unemployment Insurance Reauthorization, and Job Creation Act, and again in 2012 with the American Taxpayer Relief Act. Even the Democrats approve of those tax cuts of ol GW! ;)

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@Cruiser Not all. Some support it only insofar as they expect reciprocity from the tantrum-throwers across the aisle.

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@jerv Don’t hold your breath expecting any reciprocity from the Republicans since it was the Democrats that reneged on the promise of 300 billion in spending cuts in an amended bill to ATRA that never came. That move is what has put the Republican party into an ever more aggressive obstructionist position.

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@Cruiser chicken or the egg.

They all play that “He did it first!” game. How far back do you think we would need to go to find out who is really responsible?

Not that it matters at this point. All we can hope for is that somebody in both parties grows up and starts acting like an adult.

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@Cruiser One thing I have learned over the years is to lower my expectations when it comes to Congress in general. Regardless of which party is in the majority, the end result is roughly the same.

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