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Are you concerned about violence or intimidation at the polls or your vote not being counted?

Asked by Demosthenes (10983points) 3 months ago

Will you be voting by mail or in-person? If the former, are you concerned about your vote not being counted? If the latter, are you concerned about violence or intimidation at the polls? How fraught will this election be?

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I am voting by mail. Honestly I don’t really think about it being counted or not. Not a damn thing I can do about it. I will be either taking it to the post office directly or in one of the official ballot boxes.

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Voted today by mail, not really concerned about either. I live in quite a civil town, we rear each other with a fair amount of respect here.

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NJ is all vote by mail with very few exceptions and you can set up an account to track your ballot. Oh – and there are 17 drop boxes in my county to drop in your ballot if you don’t want to mail it in. Or you can hand deliver it to the County Board of Elections. I put mine in a drop box on Monday.

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Early voting starts here in about ten days. I will be looking for a time when lines are short.

I am voting in person because the administration is actively working to hamper the post office and disrupt vote by mail. I expect they will be fighting in court to discard them in states where Trump is ahead as of election day.

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I voted yesterday and dropped it off in the drop box for my area. We had to have a witness signature on our ballot, which is being contested in court right now given the pandemic, but decided to just get my mail-in ballot done and in, so got that second signature.

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I’ll be voting in person. Take all the questions about ballot security out of the equation.

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I’ll be voting in person on Oct 19. No. I’m not worried.

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In person. I want to slip my ballot into the locked machine myself. Not worried about intimidation. I’m a big, white dude.

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I’m not one bit worried about it here. But then, there is little controversy here, and the entire state is damned near a democratic monolith.

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I’ll vote by mail and I have no issues with doing so. There may be some issues at the polls but they’ll be neither Republican nor Democrat in nature. An even split on average.

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This election is fraught with many things. Did you have a specific one in mind?
(“fraught…n…A load; as, a fraught of water, i.e. two bucketfuls. – v. t. ... To freight; load. – adj. Freighted; laden; big or teeming (with); as, words fraught with meaning. ” -from Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary, 1960 ed.

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I’ll vote in person and I’m not concerned about violence at polling places in the area that I live in.

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@kritiper “Distressed or causing distress, for example through complexity” was the meaning I was going for.

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I am not afraid of nor expect any intimidation and will likely vote in person.

In fact, I signed up to be a poll worker. I’m doing my part.

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@Demosthenes I knew what you meant. You were using it as a noun instead of an adjective, so it caught my attention. I didn’t think you were asking if I thought the election was two bucketfuls of water. If you asked if I thought the election was fraught with BS I would have said “Oh, hell yeah!”

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Voting in person with zero fear of violence or intimidation. Mo.

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I live behind the blue curtain in Washington State so my conservative vote for President doesn’t count. Therefore I’m not worried about my vote not being counted or intimidation.

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@gondwanalon I live behind the red curtain here in Idaho so you and I are in the same boat, so to speak.

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We have our ballots, and I will take them to the county Board of Elections.

I’m not worried about violence or intimidation where I live. I just don’t like standing in line and the presidential election always entails waiting quite a while. Early voting isn’t convenient where I live, so taking the ballots in is easy.

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@tedibear here in Kansas we can start voting as early as Oct 19, and can continue to vote in person up until the day after election day. If there is a line, I’ll just come back the next day.

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