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Is there any iPhone app for playing video where you can sleep the phone and the audio of the currently playing video will continue to play?

Asked by marmoset (1258points) October 5th, 2015 from iPhone
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Not directly. But you can convert the audio from a Youtube into an mp3 for listening as if it was just a music file.

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youtube is working on this for their app and I can’t wait for it to be free. I listen to youtube ALL the time when laying in bed.

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Have you tried Mixerbox or Playtube?

They’ve changed Mixerbox around a few times since it first came out and I stopped using it after they integrated it with Facebook but if I remember correctly, when I was using it, it could have the vid part shut off and only the sound playing.
Give it a try and hopefullythis feature hasn’t changed.

With Playtube, it can be played in the background when using other Apps so I would assume that it could also have the video part shut down while the sound plays. However, there is both a free and a paid option so I’m not sure which features
MIGHT BE limited in the free one. But it’s worth trying the free one to check it out.

Please update and let us know which one works best for you.

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Thanks all—I should’ve been more specific that I’m looking for an app that can do this with locally stored (not online) videos of my choosing. An example of a local video player would be Azul (which is awesome except it can’t do this).

It looks like Mixerbox and Playtube aren’t players for local video, but I could be missing something (there are a lot of apps with those names, especially a lot whose name starts with Playtube).

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(Buttonstc, if Playtube can play local videos in the background I am super interested in it—so it would be awesome if you could either tell me who the author is for the Playtube version you like, or tell me a link to it—thank you!)

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Other note: I found one app called OPlayer that will do this with local videos and got excited about it, but then I discovered it was one of the apps compromised by the xcodeghost malware last month. (All such apps were removed from the App Store until the devs rebuilt them with a new xcode version, so they are technically now safe to download again, the fact remains their devs took a very unsafe shortcut in the past—using an unofficial xcode version they downloaded from a warez site—so I don’t consider OPlayer safe and am looking for a different app.)

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Unfortunately, I have never required an app to play YouTube videos which were stored on my phone because it never made sense to me to waste the storage space.

I’ve always found that the ones which played them from the YouTube site to work just fine for me but that’s because most of the time I’m using my phone with wifi.

I guess if someone wanted to avoid data charges then the priorities would be different but for me that’s not usually the case.

BTW: The developer for the Playtube app to which I referred is Sepia Software. So, if you put that into Search along with the app name, you should have no trouble finding it.

And it can play in the background when using other apps so, logically speaking, itshould also allow turning off the vid and listening to audio only.

However, I really have no idea if it plays videos stored on your phone. You can just download the free version and give it a try.

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For what you’re describing, you wouldnt necessarily need the official YouTube app. All you really need is one which can work with YT.

You should give Mixerbox a try as long as you don’t mind Facebook integration. Before they changed it, I used it all the time for playing my favorite YT lists. I had about a dozen different playlists set up.

But after they changed it, I was just so ticked off about the FB thing I just stopped using it altogether. I also sent the devs. an email to that effect letting them know that not the entire world is thrilled about annoying their FB friends every time a song plays.

There are a lot of game apps which do this also (require integration with FB) and they don’t get my business. So annoying.

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I’m talking about videos that are local files on my computer that I also want to play on my phone.

HOWEVER, in googling this I realized Azul actually can do what I need—its current version has a “background audio” toggle in the settings! I had the solution and didn’t even know it. So: Resolved. :)

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