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What's your favorite thing to bite into?

Asked by Devilishtreat (621points) October 6th, 2015


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I’d say pussy, but that might hurt. Maybe just a firm lick.

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@Adirondackwannabe and @ragingloli….....................just wow.

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A crispy-on-the-outside, gooey on-the-inside good ol’ fashined grilled cheese sandwich. Also a crisp, ice-cold watermelon wedge.

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A perfectly executed beef tenderloin dipped in a little garlic butter and horseradish. Wait . . . a chocolate donut fresh off Krispy Kreme’s “hot line.” Wait . . . fluffy migas with a hint of cheese and a healthy dose of Serrano peppers. Wait . . . turkey, dressing and giblet gravy (in one bite). I could go on . . .

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Chocolate dipped strawberries

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Rhubarb pie with warm custard.

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Pizza or any confectionery!

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Garlic-free pizza topping on the neck of my next “donor”.

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My favorite food is garlic bread. Luckily it is really easy to make so I can eat my favorite thing everyday if I want since it is cheap and takes ten minutes to make. We have tons of garlic butter in the fridge that my roommate makes.

Pussy is nice too.

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@Brian1946 very interesting indeed. I do believe I can relate…

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I read this question differently. I chew things. Pens are my favourite

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One of those Ferrero Rocher chocolate balls. Chocolate covered strawberries. A not-quite-totally baked brownie, still warm from the oven. A perfect poached, salted egg on a buttered crumpet with Swiss cheese.

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@Symbeline You are a sick fuck. And I love it. :)

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@Adirondackwannabe Reminds me of this video I saw once.


Seriously don’t watch this.

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You’re telling no to watch it? Do you know what’s that’s doing in my head?

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Yeah it’s just gross. Not really gory, but it’s still some dude biting into a dead rabbit. And I love how this guy comes by with his dog and goes, whoa, wtf yo lol.

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