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Why do I miss the bastards who ground me down in university?

Asked by talljasperman (21858points) October 6th, 2015

I don’t see them as bastards, but humans who are just as screwed up as I was. How do I find more bastards to grind down with?

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@Cruiser lol. ..we are much better now.

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Get out more.

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@rojo Yes. Thanks for the grinding.

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Not the first time I have been called a bastard.

And, you’re welcome.

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@talljasperman You are in a Catch 22. If you don’t see them as bastards and want to find more bastards to hang with then you are a bastard who won’t admit it. Take the plunge and grind away.

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The world is full of them. Get out there and find them. Can you not go for better company who won’t add insult to injury?

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Go back to school. Just the act of going means forced adventures in coping and problem solving, as well as unavoidable interactions with varieties of people. It maximizes your opportunities to remedy the lack of a girlfriend, restricts the periods available for your mind to wander, and keeps you busy.

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Aim better.

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Because you know deep down that you were the problem.

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Because you were a slow study, and you needed just one more year, and they would have fixed you.
Your missing them is simply an unreconciled longing for that one more year.
One more argument for year 13 of high school.

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By grinding down, do you mean overly critical as in a nagging fashion or brutally honest, or do you mean going to party? I’m not familiar with this term.

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