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To cheat or not to cheat, that is the question. Have you?

Asked by msh (4262points) October 8th, 2015 from iPhone

Have you ever cheated on a test, exam, quiz, etc? How important was the reason you did so? Were you caught? Outcome? Would you do it again if in the repeated situation?

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No. Never thought I needed to.

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Nope, never. There is no good reason to ever do that.

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Once. In Jr. High. A minor quiz. Never again. My teacher told called me over the day we got the tests back and told me, “see how well you can do if you study.” The person I cheated off of, I changed a couple of answers to make it less suspicious. One of the answers I changed to the right answer, he got it wrong. It was history class. I hated history.

My nephew tells me people cheat all the time now, and I find it stunning.

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Never for my own benefit. I’ve always been a good test-taker.

However, my Sophomore year of high school I had a teacher who was universally disliked. The boys disliked him because he was a chauvanist and gave the girls better grades. The girls disliked him because he was a chauvanist who gave the girls who wore low cut blouses and suffered his comments on their necklaces the best grades.

One day he was out, and we had a substitute. The sub was my Dungeon Master (her daughter was a friend of mine, and we all played D&D together). The test was Latin roots of English words. I can’t remember what the exact circumstances were, but for some reason none of us knew what was going on—the material had just not been taught.

I was pulling my third year of straight As in Spanish class, and between my own knowledge of etymology and what I could remember from Spanish, I managed to get the answers worked out. Probably more than half the class benefited from my work.

It stopped the bullying for a week or so, which was a welcome respite.

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All the time..

They wanted me to remember the formula for the price elasticity of demand which is fairly simple after you write it upside down on your abs. I’m pretty horrible at remembering complicated equations so I would just write them on my stomach and pull up my shirt during the tests for a look.

Then the iPod came out. Nobody knew what the fuck that was but I would store notes as song names and referrer to it perched between my knees during tests.

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No, not ever. Not in school, not at work, not in love, only when I diet. lol

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No, but I saw it happen all the time.

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I cheated a few times in high school. I mean, my Catholic high school was full of teachers emphasizing memorization/rote recall in every subject.
Nowadays, the only words I remember from my periodical vocab tests, which happened every year of high school, are the words that my batshit crazy Sophomore Lit teacher acted out in class.
I never cheated in college, though perhaps some people helped me a little more than necessary on some English 101 papers.

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Nope. Wouldn’t. Couldn’t. I have a conscience. And a guilt complex!

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I cheated on tests pretty routinely in school if the material didn’t interest me. As a challenge, cheating was much more rewarding than the material.

I was what my dad always called ‘test wise’ in that I could figure out the answer by the way the question was worded at least 75% of the time. If the class was particularly boring, I’d have to cheat a little to boost that to 80%+. Of course, test smarts fail you on math, so I had to cheat at it a bit, too. Probably one of the greatest disservices my grandmother (an elementary school teacher) ever did was teaching me to count on my fingers by hiding my hand under the desk. lol

Would passing a Senior level Shakespeare in college without reading one play be considered cheating? I made an A. I just don’t like Shakespeare.

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@kritiper You know, when I cheated, I found it morally acceptable. I don’t think others would think I’m a bad person if they heard the whole story. I didn’t often find that the authorities and laws that I was placed under were fair.

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@dxs Well, there are those exemptions to every rule…

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I forged my dad’s signature in school once. I don’t even remember what it was for, I know it was for doing something bad but I can’t remember what. But I practiced the signature for like an hour then wrote it on the slip. It didn’t work lol, the teacher knew it was a fraud and I got into more trouble.

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Nope, Because one day it will catch get you back #Karma

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Do I advocate cheating? No, not at all.

Do I admit to it in my past? Yup. I was raised by people with the “I did not have sex with that woman” mentality. Split hairs.

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