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How can I fix mom's ATT Uverse television reception?

Asked by Banjo_Pickin_Appalachian_Wizar (1201points) October 18th, 2015

Mom’s internet and TV is through ATT Uverse. She got a “please wait” screen and three static dots that wouldn’t go away. The TV in the other room works fine. Her TV is where the DVR is located. I tried unplugging the router, the DVR, the TV etc and leaving them unplugged to no avail. I did disaster recovery mode which redownloaded and installed the files but then I got a screen showing a red X above a numeral 1. I tried soft resets and unplugs again with no luck. Other TV still works fine despite being fed by the same receiver. What do I do?

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Call AT&T. The problem sounds like it’s their problem.

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@filmfann is there any reason why her bedroom TV would do this while the other TV was unaffected even though their connected to the same system?

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Yes, check the coaxial connection between them.

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@ARE_you_kidding_me no coaxial connection. It’s all HDMI.

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How does the one in the other room connect to the system? It’s not HDMI that’ll be the connection between the box and the TV.

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Uverse has wireless access points that are near (or attached to?) the main connection. That would be my guess as to where the problem is, but troubleshooting it would be tough beyond what you’ve done.

It doesn’t seem to be a unique problem

Constantly Setting-up Wireless Receiver

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I fixed it! Thanks, all.

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What was the fix?

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@filmfann I just had to hard-reset it a few more times o_O

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