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What if 2015 TB145 hits earth?

Asked by imsok00l (108points) October 20th, 2015

I’ve been unable to find any info elsewhere. They’re saying it’s going to safely go past earth but supposing it didn’t, what would be the damage at that speed and size?

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Here’s the info for TB145
It is about 1000 to 2000 feet across, is traveling about 78,000 MPH and will pass at about 310,000 miles away from the Earth. An object that big, if it struck the Earth, would make a BIG HOLE.

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If it hits the earth, it means that I don’t need to pay off the rest of my mortgage. Whoopee!

On the other hand, I’ll be dead.

I think this is an example of a civilization ending event. The answer to your what-if question is, we all die. Some immediately, some within a few weeks. All within months.

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Tb145 is between 250 and 600 meters across.

For contrast, the meteorite that made the Chicxulub crater and killed the dinosaurs was at least 10km in diameter and the one that made meteor crater in Arizona was about 40 meters wide.

So basically I’d say we hope it his the water and not the city we live in.

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That is when I will say AMEN and HALLELUJAH.

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And any or all questions about the existence of a hereafter will be resolved!

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You can simulate it by going to Purdue University ‘s site Impact Earth .

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