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Any good ideas for a good art theme/focus?

Asked by Trance24 (3311points) July 22nd, 2008

I have a summer assignments for my art class, and I have to create four pieces that revolve around the same subject. The Focus can not be too broad to where anything could fit. Ex. Alice and Wonderland was a focus I had done.

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Shakespearean plays?

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Well, you could always take a leaf from Louis Comfort Tiffany and do the Four Seasons.

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it should be a theme that interests you otherwise the work will be labor and the result lifeless.

What are some of your interests and we can expand from there.

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Perhaps a favorite hobby.

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How old are you and what medium or media are we talking about?

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17 does that matter…? And I can work with anything pretty much.

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I am just saying that Art is about expression – speaking to the viewer through a medium. Your instructor likely wants a theme to see if you can express yourself consistently through a series of works.

What is your passion? Your interests? Art is a podium to tell a story of what is important to you or to bring attention to what you think they should see.

As an example Goya painted scenes of revolution which are among his most prized works.

Not saying you should paint anything political here- I am saying you should paint what moves your soul. By doing this you will do very well in your assignment.

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I like the idea of being inspired by a piece of music and a particular composer / singer and trying to render that world into visual form =)

You might also pick a medium that you’ve always been interested in and narrow it from there. e.g., mask-making, stained glass, graffiti, etc.

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evolution of the modern world

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Consider doing some self-portraits .
For more on the subject, go here

PS Francis Bacon is among my favorites.

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The Four Horsemen, modernized
Tools that don’t serve any purpose
Spy gadgets (each with a deeper emotional message, maybe)
I dunno, creative juices not flowing today…

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You could take the Warhol tack and start with a female celebrity. Or a can of soup.

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