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If you are watching the Benghazi Committee is it making you feel better or worse about Hillary?

Asked by JLeslie (61046points) October 22nd, 2015 from iPhone

I feel good about Hillary. I feel like she handled herself well and answered all the questions asked. I don’t feel like she tried to hide anything.

I’m a Democrat and I was not sure who I would vote for this time around, but after seeing this I am feeling better and better about voting for her in the primaries.

Let us know your party affiliation when answering. Thanks.

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Not watching.

Political theatre isn’t my thing.

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Not watching. Don’t care. I will never vote for her no matter what. She’s a tool of corporate America and will say whatever is politically expedient.

I am a conservative who is supporting Bernie Sanders.

Oh party affiliation? I am a registered Democrat but I vote independent. I would be a Republican but they’ve all left me in their flight to the religious right and they are now all crazy now.

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I was visiting some folks in a hotel suite and watched for some 20 minutes. No minds will be changed one way or another. It’s a waste of time and resources. I don’t feel any better about Hillary. I feel bad for the country,

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Not watching.

Figure I will see any supposed gotcha moments replayed ad nauseam on Fox this evening and if I don’t that will mean there were none and all my tax money was spent for naught. Hell, Gowdy has already said they would be making up the story and putting it out as truth with or without her input.

Rest of it pap or, as Seek says, theatre. (actually, it is probably theater, I don’t think it is upscale enough to be theatre).

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Unless they showed Clinton with an actual smoking RPG in her hand I would vote for her over any of the top four Republican candidates, if not every one of them. Hell, indicted, in jail it would make no difference and I dislike her intensely.

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Not watching
Don’t give a shit about the puppet show
Never liked Hillary

Go Bernie!

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Watching off and on. Not crazy about H but hating most of the Republicans—especially bullyboys Gowdy and Jordon.

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Better about her. She’s taking a lot of abuse from people that are just plain rude.

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I’m not watching it, but not refraining either. I simply don’t watch TV; I get my news elsewhere.

My general take on Hillary, though, is that she’s a liar. A very competent one, but a liar nonetheless. I hope my vote doesn’t come down to a choice between her and a Republican. Some years I do vote for the Independent candidate.

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What is this all about now?

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I have been watching for about 8 hours. This was disgusting.

Nothing was learned. That was a given. But we wasted a ton of your cash for political gain that didn’t work out.

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I caught a bit of it this morning while some guy was talking and she was on a split screen looking very smug and haughty. It kind of confirmed my dislike for her.

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I’ve watched (or listened) off and on all day. I’m super impressed that she is holding up so well. Is it still going on??

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How is this something that has taken all day?

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Thanks to everyone who answered so far. Answers are very varied. Very interesting.

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11 freakin’ hours!

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Swear to goodness- Ken Starr!
He’s there….somewhere…needs more money…millions
3d chair on the faaaaar right. Beside the commitee chair.
They both want their 15 minutes. Again.
They have a Puritans prayer meeting in Salem later this weekend.
Wonder if they’ll have tea with their burning…oh, no, wait- hanging!
Sorry. It’s a waxing moon, isn’t it?

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I can’t watch politics anymore. I read the transcripts the next day. But I can already tell you that every Benghazi hearing that Congress holds makes it clear how terrified the Republicans are of her, which makes them look weak and her look strong. (I still have no plans to vote for either major party’s presidential candidate, though.)

@Rarebear “I am a registered Democrat but I vote independent. I would be a Republican but they’ve all left me in their flight to the religious right and they are now all crazy now.”

Funny. That’s very similar to how Hillary Clinton has described herself in the past. She was herself a Republican for many years. In her words: “I sometimes think that I didn’t leave the Republican Party, as much as it left me.”

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I watched about 6 of her 9 hours of testimony. She stayed cool and collected, while the Republicans yelled at her, insulted her, and interrupted her. She won, they lost. They tried to wear her down, and failed.

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I understand why people feel Hillary is a liar, but in theses hearings I don’t feel she is lying. The Republicans made a reasonable point when they asked her over and over about whether she was overseeing all security issues in Benghazi. She answered she basically was leaving it to the security people, although during her time in office she did review security risks around the world and had closed some bases. It was pointed out security concerns at Benghazi were not automatically relayed to Hillary, and the Republicans felt this was a miss in her duties. Possibly so. However, security and the men who were killed, especially the one who had extensive experience in Libya, all could get in touch with her if they felt the need.

The Republicans kept complaining she won’t answer a yes or no question. Well, that I cry total bullshit about. That might play with the average citizen, but I’ve been in a deposition and the only way I kept the opposing lawyer from putting words in my mouth was by not just agreeing or disagreeing with their statements. They use words in their statements that I would not use. Vocabulary that does not quite fit how I would describe an event or emotion, and saying “no” feels odd, because something did happen, or an emotion was stirred. Saying “yes” is wrong, because it doesn’t tell the whole truth really, but it’s close. Me stating exactly what I witnessed, did, or felt, in my own words, was the truth. It is a tactic lawyers use to lead you into agreeing with them with yes answers. When I gave an answer they didn’t like they kept rewording and pushing to get me to the yes answer. It wasn’t yes out of my mouth until it actually was a yes. It’s tough, because lawyers advise you not to expand on answers, and to tell the truth. The truth is your “story” of events, which often is wordy in your mind and in the telling.

@SavoirFaire That’s what happened to my dad too. He was a Republican, and then 10 years ago he couldn’t take the crazy religious right controlling the party so he defected. He wanted to register Independent, but in his state then he can’t cross vote in the primaries, so he’s a registered Democrat. Although, now he votes party lines (never did before the switch in parties).

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@JLeslie “The Republicans kept complaining she won’t answer a yes or no question. Well, that I cry total bullshit about.”

As well you should. Those are called loaded questions, and asking them is just another fallacious rhetorical technique. The only way to respond is to deny the presupposition, as you did in that deposition. But of course, this often results in accusations of dodging the question.

There are a few jellies who like asking loaded questions, and you’ll notice that they also tend to accuse anyone who calls them on it of dodging the question.

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@SavoirFaire At times I admit to asking loaded questions. What is disgusting to me is when some jellies ignore the question altogether. They love it. Feel power from it. They like that it starts to really annoy the asker. They are purposely passive aggressive. I can’t imagine what it is like to live with those people. Hillary did not avoid answering, she just put the answer in her own words.

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Just to keep things in perspective, there are 272 US embassies in the world. No matter who held the office of S of S if they “personally” oversaw the events at each embassy that would mean devoting 1.34 days a year to each or, figuring a 12 hour day, 2 minutes and 38 seconds per embassy per day. Not a lot would get done.

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Didn’t catch who, was not watching the news this am, just had it in the background, but someone was saying that she said nothing new; that she pretty much said exactly what she has said in the past.

Is this a Duh! moment?

I agree we should have got something for all the cash we spent so that it would not seem like a total waste of time and effort. But what did you expect, a complete revision of what she has already said? Sneaky details to slip out so you could have your “Gotya” moment? A total breakdown and weeping & wailing confession to all of your pet theories (including her involvement in the JFK assassination)?


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@JLeslie Just for the record, I wasn’t thinking of you when I said that some jellies like asking loaded questions. I also think that ignoring a question and denying the presupposition of a loaded question are different. Denying the presupposition still acknowledges the question and is consistent with answering in a non-loaded way. Ignoring legitimate questions just to annoy someone, however, is rather immature. But of course, many people who ask loaded questions don’t realize they are doing so—and thus they will genuinely believe that people are dodging their question when they are actually challenging its assumptions.

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@SavoirFaire I didn’t feel you were implying I was guilty of it. I was just making the point that I admit to it, and wanted to stress the difference between explaining an answer beyond yes or no and truly avoiding a question. I feel the people who believe strongly Hillary avoided answering questions don’t see the difference.

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