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Why would "Live Photo" automatically record anything without my orders?

Asked by snowberry (24718points) October 31st, 2015

I have an Apple 4s iPhone. with the last update, it said it fixed a bug that “knew” when I was picking up my phone, and “would not automatically record” during those times.

Does this mean that the phone automatically records stuff without my knowledge or directive? (Yeah, aside from gov’mint snooping- we can’t get away from those creepers).

I have no intention of using this “wonderful” feature. Now that I have this ability on my iPhone, how do I turn it off?

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You don’t. It only works on the 6S and 6S+. And it is only supposed to record when you have the camera app open and it only grabs a few seconds before and after you take a picture. It dumps all the photos from RAM if you don’t actually take a picture. And RAM is so limited they must be cleared ASAP so it is isn’t like it is recording everything. A photo can easily eat up 5MB and if it is doing 24 a second That is around 120MB a second of RAM use. Your phone only has 512MB of RAM. And if it dumped them to the flash storage that would be gone in 16 seconds.

There is a reason why this only works on the new phones with 2GB of RAM.

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Everybody seems to be in the business of recording everyone else’s business these days.

Yesterday @seek sent me a link to an on-line eyeglass store. I opened it, but didn’t even enable scripts on it.

Minutes later, I open an NBC news story and the ‘sponsored ads’ are all for on-line eyewear companies. It pisses me off.

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@johnpowell Has this correct.

There is nothing shady to worry about. The info isn’t ever leaving your device. It’s only pre-recording when you’re in the camera app, and it’s constantly deleting the pre-recorded data buffer. Not to mention that your version of the iPhone isn’t even capable of doing this anyways.

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But I have a 4s, so why would their update lead me to believe my phone has this capacity when it doesn’t? Are the folks at Apple unable to make a notification that actually makes sense for my 4s phone, or is that too hard for them?

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