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Whats on your shopping list for summer?

Asked by monared (4points) July 23rd, 2008
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New computer, maybe new car. One or the other is gonna break down eventually…

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hamburger meat, buns, hot dogs, hot dog buns, steaks, sandwiches, ice cream, bar-b-q, stuff for margaritas, chicken wings, water, fresh fruit, and my new favorite drink, Diet Lipton White Tea Peach Papaya.

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Plane tickets to Sicily, and a boat ride to Croatia. School supplies for fall. And a nice Florentine steak.

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I wanted a wii; I got a wii. That’s it this year.

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new wardrobe

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Blinders, so i don’t get distracted by items in the mall and don’t waste money.

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an electric car.

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