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When eating at a nice restaurant, are you judgemental/appreciative of the bathroom?

Asked by jca (36043points) November 15th, 2015

When you go to a nice restaurant, are you appreciative of the restroom? Does it matter to you if the restroom is as nice as the restaurant itself, or do you not care? If the restaurant area is lovely but the bathroom is old and not updated, does it bother you?

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If it’s a nice restaurant then I usually expect a nice bathroom. Even if it’s just a regular old restaurant I hope for a nice bathroom too. But as long as it’s CLEAN that’s all I really want. No toilet paper on the floor, dirty seats, you get the idea lol.

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It really bothers me if the bathroom is dirty, wastepaper baskets full or toilet paper not restocked. How hard is it for an employee to come in every few hours to check on these things?

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If it’s clean and functional, I don’t care. I’d notice the contrast between the restaurant and the bathroom, if there was a marked difference, but as long as it’s clean and works – I won’t care.

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Yes. A nicer restaurant = higher prices = better amenities. If my meal tab is high, I expect to find an attractive, clean restroom. I’m paying for a complete package and everything within that facility.

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It doesn’t matter to me one way or the other (as long as it’s clean) in that it wouldn’t taint my view of the restaurant, but I do enjoy a luxurious bathroom. I’ve been in some casino bathrooms that were very impressive.

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I only notice if the bathroom really smells….which is usually at funky old gas stations.

My favorite bathrooom was at The Rusty Barrel in Ponca. They had those soft, squisy seats, but they were of some sort of clear plastic under which was embedded barbed wire and nails and stuff!

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I care about the bathroom. How hard is it to have a decent bathroom? Change the toilet seat every three months if you have to—come on. It’s cheap. The bathroom isn’t that big, put some nice tile down and halfway up the wall. Make the doors open out to the restaurant so no one needs a paper towel to open the door.

I once saw a health inspector on TV who said the state of the bathroom implied the state of the kitchen. I hope that isn’t always true.

My exboyfriend’s worked in a restaurant that one critic actually mentioned how gorgeous the restrooms were in her review. She said it was the first time and the last she would ever mention a bathroom.

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My best friend and I used to critique restaurants with each other after meals out, and we always critiqued the bathroom, too! Obviously we noticed, and cared. We even joked that if we were real restaurant critics, a bad bathroom in a great restaurant would be enough to trash a review.

Years and years ago, we went to a dive of a place that actually made us feel so uncomfortable that we left before eating (just had a quick drink while trying to decide where else to go). I mean, there was a taxidermy bear in this place, and all beer came in a can. Before we left, we both had to pee and found the most modern, up-to-date bathroom we’d ever seen. Everything was brand new, sparkling clean and touch-less – at a time when touch-less stuff wasn’t being seen anywhere yet. It was so oddly out of place that we still talk about that bathroom, haha.

We ended up at the fanciest place in town, with a maitre d’ in a tux and outrageously delicious (and expensive) food. One end of the spectrum to the other, in one night. First place had the better bathroom!

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I do pay attention to the cleanliness of the bathrooms. I have a theory that the attention paid to keeping the bathrooms clean and presentable is an indicator of the overall quality of the restaurant.

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More than anything the smell of the bathroom is important. I am very sensitive to the smell of mildew and certain industrial cleaning products.

I used to be a maid at a nursing home. Smell is the sense closest tied to memory. I really don’t want to be remembering a nursing home cleaning experience when I have a belly full of wine and tortellini.

I am very appreciative of upscale restrooms. There’s a nice-casual small chain restaurant owned by a former football player in my area. They provide an array of scented and unscented soaps and lotions, a dispenser full of mouthwash, toothpicks, nice-quality paper towels, etc., and the restroom itself always smells clean and fresh.

Gods, I haven’t been there in forever. I miss their fried green tomatoes.

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