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Should I pursue him?

Asked by JokersGirl7 (6points) November 18th, 2015 from iPhone

so there is this guy in my UNI class: super sweet, very cute, gorgeous tattoos. my only question is if I should go for him or not. he has showed interest in me but I’m worried he’s just the “hump and dump” kind
of guy. and he has a kid. granted he is 23 it’s not a huge deal. thoughts?

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Don’t waste your time! Why ask? You are probably ready to hunt him down and then end up in tears when he messes with you!

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Are you interested in pursuing a relationship with a person who already has children?

If not, are you interested in a casual fling?

If the answer to both is “no”, move on. If the answer to either is “yes”, ask him for coffee and see what happens.

You get one life, and you’re young. Make your mistakes now, before you’re too old to make them.

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The answer is no – you know that, but you haven’t convinced yourself. That’s why you asked us.

There’s no way to know if he’s the hump-and-dump kind until you have a conversation with him, but there’s evidence (23 with a kid) that suggests he might be.

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23 with a kid is hardly scandalous.

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”...and he has a kid. granted he is 23 it’s not a huge deal. thoughts?”

Uh, having a kid IS a huge deal. If you want to have a long-term relationship with the guy (which is what it sounds like you’re saying) that would mean playing a large role in this child’s life. If you’re not prepared mentally/emotionally for that, I would move on to the next cute guy.

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One thing I have learned about women is their instincts are 99.9% spot on. So say you feel this guy is the hump and dump kind…if that is a problem for you then listen to your gut on this one.

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There are many fish in the sea…..

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Just a sec. It sounds like he hasn’t “dumped” the kid. In fact my guess is that he’s probably holding “auditions”

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Does he have custody? Visitation?

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Depends,. are you the hump and dump kind too? If so, why not.

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