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Would you pay $2000 / flight to avoid the rabble and the paparazzi?

Asked by elbanditoroso (28832points) November 22nd, 2015

LAX is building a new private terminal so that celebrities can avoid dealing with rabble like you and me.

Does this mark a triumph of the market economy? Or is this another manifestation of the 1% lording it over the rest of us?

Are the celebrities going to like the bad publicity they’ll get for using this service?


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Market economy.
LA is the entertainment center of the world, so there is a lot of disruption of normal services (you and I) because of the celebrities.
I welcome anything that keeps the paparazzi from flooding the world with more Candid Kardashian photos.

The Kardashians probably won’t even use it, publicity whores that they are.

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Most of the big name superstars already take private planes and a service such as this will be for the wannabe’s who like to think they are celebrities. Meh.

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Sounds like another reason to raise prices in Coach. I disapprove.

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@ibstubro :: There is some show that Morgan Spurlock does (Inside Man) where he played paparazzi for a week and they were talking about how Kim Kardashian actually informs the paparazzi when they will be in public since they are famous for being famous. If they weren’t plastered on shit daily you wouldn’t recognize her in three months.

Brittney Spears could stand behind me in Taco Bell and I wouldn’t even notice. But toss out some car vagina and I might.

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Yeah, didn’t KimK get her start as publicity manager for Paris Hilton, or something like that, @johnpowell.

I swear Keanu Reeves works at the local Walmart. He said he gets that a lot. lol

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My Walmart’s greeter looks like Brent Spiner, and wears ridiculous bowties.

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TAC Air and Signature Flight Support are two companies (I know of personally )that provide service for non-schedules airplane flights, charter flights and private airplanes. Most provide free parking and auto rentals kiosk.

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Oh good. We’re back to responses being moderated for no reason.

@Seek “Sounds like another reason to raise prices in Coach. I disapprove.”

Interesting prediction. I wouldn’t have thought of that.

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Sure. When the people shelling out $2,000 for business class get wind that they can get a private terminal for the same price, those seats being replaced on the plane with the rest of us are going to go up to make up the difference.

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My impression was that to use the private terminal is 2k, in and of itself. I would guess the cost to fly is additional (so 4k).

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I can’t imagine how anyone would consider that anything done at LAX has any connection with “free market” economics.

From the story: “LAX said the new 43,750ft terminal, which will be built and run by celebrity security firm Gavin de Becker & Associates, will bring in additional revenue of $3.7m in the first year and $34m over the 10-year lease.”

I can’t imagine that the $34 million in revenue (not profit, we’re just talking “income” here) will even cover the costs of construction and decorating the revamped facility, much less the “separate security and border checkpoints”.

This is an even worse boondoggle than building sports stadiums with public money. And as much as I like sports, I abhor all public spending on professional sports.

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Hell I pay 2000 a flight anyway. Sad face.

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