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Do you think that the Fox News and the white supremacists will have a hissy fit over the chocolate gingerbread White House?

Asked by elbanditoroso (33187points) December 7th, 2015

See article link

The White House pastry check used dark, not white chocolate for this year’s gingerbread house.

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Good! It’ll taste better!

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Probably! I bet Obama is chuckling right now! I mean, it’s the last year of his last term…go for it!! Make Jesus, Joseph and Mary black too. ;)

Man, that’s some cool stuff there, @elbanditoroso. I would love to live in the White House at times like this, where magical stuff is popping up all around, and you don’t have to lift a finger to make it happen!
Wouldn’t want to live at the White House the rest of the year, though. Gimme my 1800 square feet and GO AWAY NOW!

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From a food tasting perspective, which is probably the last thing being considered, I definitely prefer dark over white chocolate. Maybe when people actually start eating it they will suggest that this become the tradition.

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Maybe it’s a symbol of the pollution and destruction of the environment. No more white fluffy snow, just brown shit.

Can the country really be THAT pathetic?

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It’s fine for a novelty but the White House is after all white.

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What amazes me?

That there is genuine discussion about a government frivolence that de-funds the yearly benefits of probably 10–50 welfare recipients.

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I think Fox has already suffered enough derision and ridicule from it’s other holiday “gripes for stupid people” campaigns that the network has learned better. For awhile now the network has sought to escape its reputation as propaganda shill of the Republican Party with a voice directed primarily toward that party’s knuckle dragging base. The advent of Obama necessitated an embarrassing and very thinly disguised tirade designed to validate those among us who would prefer to “keep the White House white”. Thirteen years of such nonstop foolishness only serves to verify the operation as the joke of broadcast journalism.

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So, this depicts the White House at, what? The Apocalypse? How else would there be no illumination of a white national monument?

If I’d wanted to send a message with this waste of tax money, I would have had the three White House buildings blue, white, and red, respectively. Old Glory reversed, and homage to the flag of France in the wake of the Paris bombings.

The House is white, but we recognize our place in the world.

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@stanleybmanly the joke of broadcast journalism

IMHO Broadcast journalism has been a joke for over 40 years; ever since it has become a revenue stream rather than a public service.

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