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If apple made a video game console,will you buy it?Why?

Asked by da455hole (27points) July 23rd, 2008

See how microsoft and sony make video game consoles but they dont only make consoles they have other things too
what if Apple did one will it be awesome and will you buy it?

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Probably not… do you see how crazy “locked” their other products are? You’d have to play by their rules to the extreme if you wanted to play online or rent games.

Also, purely speculation, but Apple’s not doing so well with games on their computers, iPods, phones and so on right now. Even their AppleTV has some odd quirks about it…

But, I love Apple… so don’t think there’s a particular bias here… but I think we need them focused on the perfect computers, and not a “first crack at it” console.

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I’m gonna say I’m not sure. I would have to see it and what is capable of. I mean I didn’t buy the ps3 just cause Sony makes it. I don’t buy things just cause one of my favorite companies makes something.

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that is true but the company has been having some good ideas
so they should be good with making a console
but i also agree with lovelocke

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I’m not sure I would buy another console but I would love for Apple to take gaming on the mac seriously. Steam for mac would be great and yes I know there are workarounds to do this but I want to see it offically supported.

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If Apple made a video game console, it would be closed to third parties, it would require itunes to get new games, it would cost even more than the PS3, it would have unreasonable fans irrationally praising it, and it would come in a beautiful white box and have a fantastic user interface.

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Closed to third parties? Where do you all live? ALL video games consoles are locked down development platforms, requiring manufacturer contracts to develop on them.

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@ Richard: Xbox Live aarcade, to start, welcomes the indie game devs out there…

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Yeah, Xbox Live Arcade.

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Apple is too smart to get mixed ip in the console business.

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No because Nintendo is king.

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sure but with all there ideas there coming up with right now
they should make one
and rotwang is right it sure will cost a whole shit

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maybe I already have? The iPhone is a remote for the apple tv. The apple tv is running os x. All I need is games on my apple tv and I can play them using my iPhone as a controller?

Not as crazy when you think back to when the revolution was rumored heavily to be using a touch screen controller!

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that is a great idea jamms
special games for the apple tv

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Great point jamms, seems like the iPhone is shaping up to be a portable game console in disguise.

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