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What item, or thing do you misplace the most at home?

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (19390points) December 12th, 2015

So what are you looking for the most at home, keys, glasses, remote, cell phone, or what?

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My cats. They are never where I left them.

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Definitely my cell phone. That’s why I always have to have it on me, or at the very least, have the volume turned up. If I misplace it when the volume is down, it means I’m screwed out of my phone for a while.

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We had that same problem @jerv only one cat though we solved it by putting a bell on her coller.

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The landline phones. They’re cordless and we have three of them. People (me most of all!) tend to take them to other places while talking on them. Then the phone is ringing and I can’t find a handset!

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My marbles!

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Apple TV remotes.. They were designed to vanish.

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My glasses.

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Ditto kritiper. It’s because I’m constantly snatching them off to read or do anything requiring close work.

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Glasses. I just started wearing them this year for reading. I guess I need a designated spot for them.

Jewelry also. Too many hiding places. I don’t have a lot of jewelry, but it’s in about 5 different places.

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The cordless phones. The base unit has 2, and I lose track of them both.

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My book. I am always leaving my current book in a different place since I read all over the house.

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The TV remote (my husband lays it down wherever) or, the book I am currently reading. Most other things I have a “usual place” for.

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Kitchen knives.
I only have one drawer in the kitchen. Everything’s in it, but when I’m looking for a specific item I can never find it.

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My cat. He still finds new places to sleep/hide.

Besides him, I regularly misplace my keys, wallet and phone.

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I rarely misplace anything, I have an excellent memory and am an organized type, good at keeping things in the same place where I always know they will be. I don’t even remember the last time I misplaced something. Now…my house mates on the other hand, they are the most scatter brained people ever.

They are both extremely educated and smart but their deficit is they both lose things all the time. Infact, my one housemate just emailed me last night, as I am house sitting for the weekend for neighbors and asked me if I knew where one of her books was. Of course I did, lol.

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I am not allowed to control the remote. I remind myself of this every time my husband goes out of town and I can’t find the remote because I walked out of the living room with it in my hand, and just set it down where ever.

Sometimes my glasses.

Sometimes my cell phone.

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My glasses, hence I have at least 10 pairs throughout the house, 4 in my purse, and two more in my car. I can still go from room to room with a pair on my head, set them down, then go back and forth until there are no longer any glasses in the first room. Grrrrrrr.

Thank goodness for the 99 Cent Store and Dollar Tree. I get my reading glasses there and they’re super cute, so it doesn’t matter if I lose or break them.

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My wedding ring. Luckily, I have trained myself to only put it in 3 different places when I take it off, so I have narrowed my choices of where to look.

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