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If you would be given only 5 things to do the whole 2016, what would they be?

Asked by jamesruesch (217points) December 15th, 2015

Give 5 things you’re willing to do over and over again in 2016, except “eating” and “sleeping”.

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“Eating” and “sleeping” gives me pause.

We need details.
Bodily functions?

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Watching movies
Playing with my cats
Enjoying nature
Avoiding annoying people
Lounging in the hot tub

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1. Finish off my book (it’s been delayed so many times, damn you school)
2. Save enough money for my long-planned big purchase.
3. Read more books.
4. Watch more movies.
5. Relax more.

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Creating more art/getting better at it.
Learning – in any and every way.
Spend good, quality time with my loved ones.
Enjoy nature.

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spending time with my favorite guy friend
seeing my kids and grandkids
listening to and watching live music

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janbb —guy friend. i see (fishy wink*)

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Win the lottery.
Spend quality time with my kids
Work my garden

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