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Do you re-gift gifts that are given to you that you don't like or want?

Asked by jca (36043points) December 18th, 2015

Do you re-gift?

Do you tell the recipient of your re-gifted gift that it’s something that was given to you, that you didn’t want?

Do you pretend this is something you bought for the recipient?

Based on a discussion on TV morning show from this morning (Kelly and Michael Strahan – I’m off today).

To answer my own question, no, I don’t. The only thing I’ll give away might be a food gift, like candy, which I need like a hole in the head. I’ll share it with work people.

I know the teachers at my daughter’s school get all kinds of gifts they don’t want, and they have a “swap meet” where they swap the gifts they received that they don’t want, or they bring the smelly hand soaps and lotions to the teacher’s bathroom. This year, I’m giving the teachers maple syrup with pancake stuff, nice jelly, herbal tea, beautifully packaged, which I figure is more practical and somewhat luxurious.

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I never do that, if it is a gift for special occasion like my birthday. That’s disrespectful to the giver. But if the gift is just casually given to me, and if it’s of little value, like a pen, I may give it away.

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Once or twice both times the recipient greatly appreciated the item more than me. The 2nd is a borderline re-gift because I told them way ahead of time

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Not often, if ever.

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I throw it out in a petulant fit of pique, but that’s just me.

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Too hard for me to keep track because I make stuff. Someone might give me some old craft stuff or something I end up using for crafts and it gets given to someone in new form. This year I’m making a few scented candles and some of the containers were given to me. I think I’m given theses odds and ends to make crafts to either sell or give away. I’m sure no one is upset. They may get the gift of essentials back I bath products.

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Yes, absolutely. If I am given something that I don’t want and will never use, and if I know someone who will be happy to receive and appreciate that item, I will re-gift. I have enough understanding of social niceties to not re-gift within the circle, but I see no reason not to pass on something if I know someone will like and use it.

Oh, and no, I don’t tell them.

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28 years ago my friend, a wonderful and elegant woman with a terrific sense of humor received a truly garish 2 level candy dish as one of her wedding presents. She kept the hideous thing dead center on the exquisite table in her flawless living room, where the rest of could perpetually tease her about it. Then one day, the dish wasn’t there, and nothing could pry the whereabouts of the “thing” from her. Then I bumped into another of our friends who told me that she had received the dish in a beautifully wrapped package 2 days before her birthday UPS with a phony return address. We all got a big hoot out of it. But sure enough, the following March I received a pkg exactly on my birthday and there’s no need to describe the contents. So the candy dish circulates continuously, and the unwritten rules are that you can only get rid of it at Christmas or a birthday, and until you unload it, it must be prominently displayed in your home.

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Yes, I do. 50% of the time I tell the person. Like if you came to my house and I realized I had something on my regift shelf you would like, I’d give it to you. In that case there is no special holiday or birthday, just something I want to give you if you want it. I’d ask you if you want it.

In other cases I pull from a regift shelf if my husband needs an office gift. Might be a frame or candle, that sort of thing.

My regift shelf has things given to me, but mixed in are gifts I buy in case I need a last minute gift. Things like wine rings, or a pewter dish, things that work for when invited to someone’s house or if an extra person shows up at Christmas.

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Not really re-gift, but I will give away or donate things I don’t like.
I especially hate little souvenir trinkets people give you, like Mickey Mouse key chains from Disney Land. I hate Mickey Mouse! I know, I am un-american but I have never had a thing for stupid cartoon characters or fairies, or gnomes or stuffed animals and other silliness, for kids yes, but I don’t get the appeal for adults that are into these things.

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Yeah, I give stuff away all the time. Things given to me and things I buy super cheap. I don’t make an occasion out of it…I just hand it to the person and say something like “If this is something you’d enjoy, you may have it.”

I was on a roll at the Goodwill recently and bought presents for 3 people I know and spent all of $1.50. They all seemed tickled. If not, they have my blessing to re-gift.

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No, I usually give them to Good Will or a similar organization.

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@Coloma, I’m totally with you on not wanting to receive, own, or even look at anything decorated with cartoon characters.

<rant>Not only am I generally averse to things that display calculated, contrived, and cynically manipulative cuteness but I find a great many of them ugly even within their own contexts, such as in animated features. It disturbs me that children are being taught to like them and be excited by them. How will they ever learn a more mature aesthetic as adults? I would not give such things to anyone, regardless of how I came by them.</rant>

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Cartoon characters pre-date you, @Jeruba.
During the 60’s and 70’s I liked and was excited by cartoon characters, and I live a ‘middle American average’ life.

I’m curious where your disgust with cartoon characters comes from?

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