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I want to know why the mosquitos attack me all the time?, even if i am in a place with other people i always have more bites = (

Asked by mostra (9points) July 24th, 2008
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maybe your just sweeter than everyone else. ;)

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Mosquitos are attracted to sugar water

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I have not tested this but have friends who swear by taking vitamin B12 to repel Mosquitos.

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Scientific research has shown that if you are frequently bitten by mosquitoes, it is because of the smell you give off. Mosquitoes are attracted to the smells of certain people. If a person is rarely bitten, then his or her body gives off a smell that masks the scent that attracts mosquitoes.

The body’s masking odors act like a natural repellent to mosquitoes. People who are bitten less frequently, or not at all, emit chemicals that repel mosquitoes. Mosquitoes recognize these smells as something they would not like to feast on and fly to someone else. Recent research has been undertaken to narrow down the smells that are attractive and repellent to mosquitoes. The research was at first described as similar to looking for a needle in a haystack, but scientists have since managed to track down and identify around 30 chemical compounds out of 300 that can protect people.

I use a citronella rub on repellent. its natural and smells good. The mosquitoes in Tuscany are hell.

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Some people are more attractive to mosquitoes, but also, some people just have a more robust reaction to each bite. Meaning, if you and I both get bitten 10 times, I might only see and feel mild irritation, while you will develop 10 nasty welts. You may just have a more significant reaction to mosquito saliva. I suggest you try wearing a DEET containing mosquito spray. That will help a lot.

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Maybe it’s because of a super fatty American diet consisting of fast food and soda. I suggest drinking water and laying off any foods that take less time to prepare than they do to order.

Funfact: Did you know that Mosquitos are naturally afraid of ABBA cover bands? Next time you plan to go outdoors, keep a spare set of blue-sequined clothes and a lyric sheet for Dancing Queen. Do this, and not only will the mosquitos not give you any guff, but you will temporarily gain control of them for one hour… during which time you can have them attack your enemies or pit them against a swarm of bees in a vicious turf war.

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@Scrump. Please use quotes when you pull information directly from other websites. It is called citing a reference as opposed to outright plagiarism. More importantly, how is pulling 30 chemicals out of 300 a “needle in a haystack”.? I would hardly call a 1 in 10 success rate miraculous.

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About the bugs. when i get a bite, there is this stuff we can get at the pharmacy in Italy. Walgreens for you. called “after bite”. its mostly water and ammonium hydroxide, it takes the swelling down and stops the itching right away.

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I don’t think it has anything to do with eating an unhealthy diet, because I NEVER eat fast food, and I drink soda less than once a week, but even then it would only be diet 7up, never soda with sugar, and mosquitoes absolutely love me.

But maybe none of that comment was meant to be taken seriously judging by the second half of it…

scrump, where do you buy a citronella rub on repellant. deet works great, but it smells awful!

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