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Blink 182?

Asked by trumi (6486points) July 24th, 2008

My lurve just hit 182, and it got me thinking. How will the trio go down in history? The earlier albums were pretty punk, the later were pretty pop, and amongst my friends they still have a good fan base. Angels and Airwaves is sucking it up, and many have not yet fallen for +44, so Blink seems to be the lifetime achievement for Mark, Tom and Travis. Will All The Small Things be their lasting hit? I Miss You or Feeling This? What do you think about the band, and how do you think future generations will see them?

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I think the original hits… The ones when I was a bit more of a teenager are the ones I’ll remember. I had a thing with a girl for Miss You at one point, so that’s on the list. FYI, I just gave you a “Great Question” and ruined your Blink reference. :)

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Thanks bunches

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idk i really liked Dammit. but i also like +44 a lot so idk what u mean about them not hitting it yet. a lot of people i know really like +44.

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I like them too, but Blink 182 was huge. +44 could totally last for a decade and put out some great albums, but I don’t know that they will reach the level of fame Blink 182 had. That is all I meant.

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oh no, definitely not. i think at least in the newer punk/rock category, blink 182 will remain untouched as one of the greatest bands of their genre

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Blink 182 reminds me of my hapopy times when I was a teenager with no direction, no purpose, just having fun (for like 6 months) ohhh I miss those days so much now… They are very talented, just need to go back to the track :)

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I LOVE blink 182! They are one of my all time favorite bands. I can only hope they go down in history. As for the new bands, +44 is very talented and I love them but they don’t have that something that blink did. I want to see them go somewhere though.

And now, the topic of Tom… Tom was a huge hero of mine when he was in blink. I wanted to be like him in my younger band days. I feel he really sold out as blink drew closer to the end. Now he wants to take us on an adventure? What the hell? That’s not the tom I grew to love. I saw Angels and Airwaves at the warped tour this year and just as I thought, they sucked. They did play My First Punk Song, which is a Boxcar Racer song.

So basically, I miss the days of blink and it sucks that they will never get together. The farther things go on, the more I dislike Tom, but I still love Mark, Travis, blink, Boxcar Racer and +44. That trio and all of there bands will always hold a place in my heart.

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I used to love Blink 182. I still like all their old stuff (before their sound changed) – Take Off Your Pants And Jacket and before. Personally, I like +44 better than Angels & Airwaves. I think they’ll both last for a while, but never reach the status that Blink 182 hit.
Randy: I liked Tom, too, until he turned into a complete asshole. I mean, who the hell breaks up with their bandmates who had been together for 10+ years through their manager? The guy wouldn’t even talk to Mark and Travis. Jerk. Tom lost major respect in my book also. But I still love Mark and Travis.

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For real! I saw Tom (and the rest of the A&A crew) at the Hard Rock Cafe the day before the Warped tour in Selma, TX and I didn’t even want to meet him. It sucks because he was such a big hero of mine when I was growing up. It just aggravates me to no end to know that he’s just a big dick. I was okay with blink’s newer sound. It was different but not bad. It showed that they grew up a little since their poopy-pants and dick jokes. Not that, that was bad… A&A just sucks though.

But yeah Allie, he’s such a bastard.

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Blink 182 used to be awesome. The Mark, Tom, And Travis Show was their last good cd, and probably my favorite as well. It was a live cd, that was pretty much just a greatest hits cd, so they played a lot of their old good songs, but they sounded a lot better than originally because they had improved musically since they first recorded them.

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great cd!

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I think whoever wrote this question is smoking something awful to think that Angels & Airwaves sucks. It’s beautifully ambient rock with intriguing and mature lyrics—a perfect follow up to Blink for Tom!

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all i know is i’ve never hear of angels and airwaves, but the blink 182 song i’ll probably remember best is “what’s my age again”
that song is funny!

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