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Has a girl ever really disliked you at first but ended up in a relationship with you?

Asked by Eggie (5833points) December 24th, 2015

Girls, have you ever really disliked a guy at first but ended up his girlfriend? Guys has this ever happened to you? What did you guys do to win the girl over?

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I’ve stayed with someone after I began to dislike them. I won’t be doing that again.

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I started with a woman who threatens to carve my eyes out with a spoon and ended up dating. It ended badly.

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Yes, many years ago. She was a co-worker whom I disliked as well. We wound up having a torrid relationship… but not for long. Each of our first impressions turned out to be correct.

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This idea shows up a lot in pop culture and rom-coms. It’s a bad idea that comes from a time when a woman’s “no” was not respected. The guy’s dogged persistence is supposed to be romantic, and the woman pushing him away is just a front for how much she really likes him underneath. Maybe we like to believe that the jerks in our lives are really jerks with a heart of gold. This is real life, not the Breakfast Club. Isn’t it better to find someone who likes you back?

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Never really disliked, but I was a little reluctant. I probably never would have pursued this one guy, or seen him as a love interest, but he kept trying to flirt with me, asked me out, and we eventually began dating. We dated almost 6 years through part of high school and college. Wound up he was a cheater and liar, but that might not be pertinent to your question.

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Yes. I didn’t do anything to win her over except get to know her.

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No, I try to stay away from rapists.

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I’ve certainly been in a relationship with someone at first who ended up really disliking me! ~

Maybe? There was a girl I dated in high school who seemed to dislike me right up until the moment we got together (which she initiated completely out of the blue). Then again, her best friend was really into me, so she might have just been hiding her own feelings up until that point. The relationship ended very quickly, and she never spoke to me again, so I’ve never really understood what happened. All of my female friends at the time had different theories, too.

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It rings true to me that hating someone can hide a strong attraction especially among youngsters but I’ve never experienced it myself.

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My experience was different thoughout the teenage heartbreak firefight years. It amounted to episodes of great girls (which I certainly didn’t deserve) demonstrating an interest in me and me either missing the signals or fleeing in terror. I can remember when I was turning 11, my mother made the politically foolish mistake of requiring me to pass out invitations to my birthday party. The tomboy in my class (tough Terri) got an automatic invitation because “she was cool”, and also pointedly assured me that she would whip my ass good on the playground if she wasn’t invited. I also gave one to my friend’s sister because she shared my interest in model railroading. They were the only girls invited, but before I could escape the school grounds a pretty girl with whom I can’t remember a single conversation, cornered me in a hallway and administered the humiliating verbal equivalent of the beating promised by Terri. It was awful, but she was magnificent in her rage, red as a beet, lightning flashing from her large grey eyes. I stood there, riveted as the list of invectives on my shortcomings spewed from her volcano of a mouth climaxed by a debilitating kick to my shin, then a twirl on her heel to march away down the hall. I arrived home to find my sisters nearly in tears from laughingly relating my adventure to my mother, who upon the news of her child’s embarrassing humiliation, pointed to the kitchen table and said to me “You don’t have the sense that God gave that toaster”.

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@stanleybmanly Mom fail. Good story though. Thanks for sharing. Was getting beaten up another one of those clues you didn’t know how to read yet?

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It was more about the alarming realization that a GIRL might slap me around.

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