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How do you manage your online personae?

Asked by CugelTheClueless (1534points) December 29th, 2015

Do you project different personae in different social media sites (or different accounts on the same site*), or are you always pretty much the same? Outside of online role-playing games, have you ever tried to deliberately create online personae or characters that were different from how you are in real life? If so, have you ever had difficulty maintaining the continuity or distinctness of these personae?

*I am shocked, shocked to learn that some jellies have multiple accounts…

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I don’t, there’s only one me & i’m more than happy with that.

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I am the one and only. My FB friends that are Jellies know another dimension of me but it’s all pretty much the same.

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Online, offline – le penguin, c’est moi.

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Nothing to manage, I don’t use FB or Twitter or other S.M. sites. I am Coloma here, and post, on occasion, under another name on Yahoo articles. Not much to “manage.” haha

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Some jellies have multiple accounts? Who has time for that, and what is the point?

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Strangely I would say I’m more “myself” on sites like this one, in which nobody I know from “real life” is present. Just in the sense that I don’t hold my tongue for propriety so much. It’s not hard to manage – I just am much quieter on sites like Facebook, and don’t let anybody I know see me browsing Fluther :)

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I’m much the same I expect. Pretending to be someone else? What is the point and how exhausting that must be.

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I’ve tried the alternate persona thing… It’s too much work.

I’m myself unless it’s a game, as you mentioned. I am, however, much more reserved in person than I am online.

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The only online account I would describe as a persona is this one.

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I have a FB page with a version of my old Fluther name. I also have a FB page in my own name for work and one for family/work colleagues. Regardless of the name on the page, I don’t change my persona. I don’t create a new personality. However, I do moderate what I post in my own name. I never post anything I’m ashamed of, but I like to keep my politics separate from my work.

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I’ve never tried to project anything other than myself on-line, but I don’t use any social media.

I’m probably a little more open here on Fluther than I am in real life because people you know in real life have a much lower TMI tolerance. When you have a small circle of friends you can wear them down quickly giving constant opinions on practically everything, which is a lot of what we do here on Fluther.

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Thanks for your responses. I guess those who are currently posting from multiple accounts are taking the 5th on this one.

True story: within a day of my first post on Fluther, someone pm’d me and asked who I really was, because I had challenged one of the then-heavyweights on some point and called him/her on some BS. The pm-er apparently thought I would only dare to do this under a secondary identity.

I’ve come and gone from Fluther over the years, and did have two accounts for a while, but it was indeed too much trouble. I created this persona to ask some questions I was embarrassed to be asking, and so wanted an additional layer of disguise, but I’ve found it very hard to keep the “real me” from peeking out behind the mask.

The new year is upon us. This is a good time to simplify my life and focus my efforts. Accordingly, I’m retiring this persona. Best wishes and happy new year to you all.

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This account is just me, however I’ll admit that I do have another account I use for questions I want answered that are somehow too embarrassing for me to ask at this level of anonymity. Strange that you could feel embarrassed through the guise of a screen name, especially considering that I haven’t been particularly guarded in allowing my faults to show through under this name. Embarrassment aside, there are other reasons I’ve gone another layer deep on my disguise though. History… Jellies aren’t dumb. On more than one occasion I’ve found people going back through my old question/answers to reference and sure up their position. For the most part, I really admire and appreciate this practice of investigation. However, sometimes I want a pure answer based on nothing more than the situation posed without regards to my personal history and perspectives. Being that it’s hard to actively disregard information and nearly impossible to forget, I just remove the correlations entirely.

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