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What is your favorite and least favorite show on TV?

Asked by DWW25921 (6498points) September 8th, 2013

A friend told me recently that I am out of touch because I haven’t had cable in over a year. Well, I just figured what’s the point of paying for TV when I can watch whatever I want online?

You guys are going to help me choose what I start watching. I want to know what’s good and what to avoid. I will trust your judgement in these matters.

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Worst Coranation Street, best The Lang and O’Leary exchange + The Next List on CNN.

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My least favorite because of the hype is Big Brother, Dancing with the Stars and Two and A Half Men.

My favorite shows are ending this season. Dexter and Breaking Bad. Some other favorites are Modern Family, Sons of Anarchy, Veep and Parks and Recreation.

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My current favorite is Doc Martin. I don’t watch the worst ones.

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New stuff I started watching is It’s A Date and Upper Middle Bogan. Both are really good but they are from Australia so they might be tough to watch online. I belong to a private tracker that only does shows from Canada and Australia.

I am also in the camp that this season of the US version of Big Brother is so horrible I stopped watching.

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If you will consider a show that is not playing anymore, I loved Fringe. You have to see it from the first episode. It’s sci-fi, but has really nice relationships between the characters and is funny and interesting.

Newsroom is great, but I only saw the first season.



If you love cars Top Gear the UK version is hysterical.

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Guuuuhhhh Breaking Bad is all I care about

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Breaking Bad, Top Gear UK, Australia’s got Talent

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Breaking Bad is great….avoid reality TV like the plague.
You can get the first 4 seasons of Breaking Bad on Netflix streaming

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I don’t get the hype around Breaking Bad. I couldn’t get into it at all.

I don’t think I have a favorite show on TV – not one currently airing new episodes, anyway. I do wish House was still on, though.

As for least favorite, definitely Cougar Town. Quite possibly the worst show I’ve ever seen.

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Fave, Top Gear.
Shittypoocrap, The X Factor.

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My favorite would be The Mindy Project, New Girl, and singing shows like American Idol, The Voice, and X-Factor.
My least favorite would be Glee, I tried watching an episode and was like what is this I am watching?? I don’t understand how that show is so popular, I couldn’t even make it through 10 minutes.

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I recently got into Sons of Anarchy, despite all of its flaws. Watched all 5 seasons over a period of about 10 days. Anticipating the 6th season.

Favorite all time show is probably the US version of The Office.

The worst would have to be the embarrassment to humanity known as Jersey Shore.

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Favorites right now “The Newsroom” and “Orange is the New Black.” Least favorites are “Two and Half Men” and “Big Bang Theory.”

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Love Coronation Street and Emmerdale.

Hate, reality singing ‘shows’.

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Orange is the New Black
Devious Maids

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Favorite: Breaking Bad and The Wire
There is just no way Hank and Gomie are going to get themselves out of that mess
Least favorite: Tosh.0, Dr.Who, and The Big Bang Theory.

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@Katniss Isn’t Siberia great? Our family loves that show. I hate to see it end soon. They couldn’t possibly make a second season out of it, could they? Maybe a new, unsuspecting cast? I’ve wondered about this.

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House of Cards, Walking Dead, Orange/New Black, Under the Dome, Game of Thrones and any baseball game are my favorites right now. As for least liked, hmmmm, 2 Girls is awful.

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My favorites: Big Bang Theory; Walking Dead (although it is losing my interest); Most Nova programs, National Geographic.

Leased liked: Anything with the word “Reality” associated with it; Dancing, singing or doing anything with stars or anyone else for that matter; Idol of any kind.

There used to be a show Eco-challenge or something that was interesting. It followed competitors in various cross-country races. There did not seem to be any attempts to set up false confrontations or stupid dangerous crap that was put in to create tension. That was ok but they dropped it in favor of shows that had more staged drama or nastier people who would f*ck anyone over to win. Lost my interest.

The other thing that has reduced my TV viewing is the nasty habit they have developed of recapping the entire show after each commercial. It makes me feel like they think I am a dumbass that cannot remember more than 10 minutes worth of show without having it drummed into my head. And, 10 minutes is about all you get out of a 30 minute show after you take out all the commercials and reprises.

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I cannot believe I forgot about Big Bang Theory! GA @rojo. One of the best sit-coms ever.

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@jonsblond I wonder about the same thing! I’m going to be really sad to see it end too.
I suppose they could use a different cast, but I’m not sure that it would be as good. :0(

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I do appreciate the feedback from everyone here. I’ll give this question a few more days than look up some shows! :)

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Best: Big Bang Theory
Worst: Seinfeld (stopped after 3 episodes)

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Thanks to @gailcalled she got me hooked on Doc Martin. It’s one of the best shows I’ve ever watched, since the day I first looked at a television. I’m already watching all the episodes again. It’s about a grumpy, not very attractive doctor who comes to Port Wenn (actually Port Isaac, Cornwall England) after he has a traumatic episode during a surgery (he was a very successful surgeon in London) and develops a phobia and disgust of blood, to become the village doctor. He is an extremely talented doctor, but most of the townsfolk don’t like him and the feeling is likewise, he’s just very grumpy and anti-social. Despite all of this, because he is such an excellent doctor, he is able to diagnose things that other doctors would have failed to see. One such patient is the lovely school teacher, Louisa. At first he creeps her out, when is stares oddly at her on his initial flight into Port Wenn, on which Louisa is also returning home. The reason he is staring at her is because he thinks she has glaucoma. She is appalled at the the thought and doesn’t like the way he is staring at her. He suggests that she see her eye doctor when she returns home. Neither of them realize that they are both headed to Port Wenn, and that he will be her general practitioner. Turns out she does have glaucoma, for which she is treated and has to wear an eye patch. He happens to see her through the window of the school and realizes that it is her. Later on she comes to see him to apologize. She is smitten, he is smitten, but neither one of them has the nerve to say anything or act upon it. So the premise of the show is that this very unlikely couple goes on and on with a slow burning never-voiced-out-loud romance. Things start to heat up, but then grumpy Martin says something inadvertently unpleasant to spoil the mood. In the meantime (the audience is also falling for them and rooting for them, and it turns out that Martin Clunes is actually extremely attractive, only you can’t believe it yourself, but you will fall for him). Some of the other women in the town, also have an odd attraction to grumpy Martin. There is a whole supporting cast of quirky townspeople and plenty of emergencies, some of which do involve blood, with throws a monkey wrench into Martin’s plans to avoid blood. This show is hilarious, thoughtful, romantic, gorgeous and sweet. Best show ever.

Worst current show is Rules of Engagement.

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My favorite is True Blood.
My least favorite is Bad Girls Club.

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I have several favorite, like Game of Thrones, New Girl, Modern Family, White Collar and Grimm. Used to watch Supernatural but the latest 2–3 seasons are so boring

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@Michelleswift you seem to be in the minority regarding The Big Bang Theory. Care to expand on why it is your least favorite? just wondering

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@rojo Geeks are very protective of their specific genre. They (Big Bang) are nerds, there is a difference.

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@rojo It took me awhile to get into Big Bang Theory. I actually resisted watching it because it looked so stupid and the Sheldon character annoyed me at first – it just seemed like Jim Parsons was a terrible actor because it looked like nothing but dramatic overacting. My husband and I started to watch it after people told us how crazy we were for not liking it. It definitely grows on you, and I have a new kind of appreciation for Sheldon (though he still sometimes gets on my nerves). It not my favorite show and I still don’t understand why it’s as huge as it is, but I do enjoy watching it on a regular basis.

I know your question was not directed at me, but I thought I’d put in my two cents.

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I myself preferred the earlier episodes where they had more physic and science related humor. It is still funny, just seems to be more oriented to the mass market than it used to be.

This is one of the few sitcoms my wife will watch. Usually she detests them but this one grabbed her attention, even after numerous repeats, she can still laugh at the show.

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