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Who has a Salt Lamp?

Asked by MooCows (3216points) December 30th, 2015

Who has a salt lamp and do you think it
helps with your sleep cycles and mental

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We have 3 in our house , other than looking really neat not sure it has helped in any of those other areas that you mentioned .

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Well, they look cool. We have a couple of them in the bedroom. Can’t say they are anything special, they are just fucking lamps. What helps mental clarity for me is a good wood fire in the fireplace. Give me that and a shot of bourbon then all is right with the world.

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Well, according to Wellness Mama, it has the benefits of:
-cleaner indoor air
-reduced allergies
-improved mood

Frankly, the whole website just makes my eyes roll out of my sockets.

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I prefer to sleep in a dark room.

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They’re pretty. If you like them for that reason, get one. Do not spend money on them for any other reason, because whatever anyone says, it’s a load of crap.

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Yes, I have a lovey round himalayan salt crystal lamp. It looks like a full blood moon when the lights are off. I don’t know if it keeps the negative ions at bay but it sure is cool to look at.

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