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Would you rather your wallet/purse were stolen or your mobile phone.?

Asked by flutherother (34577points) 6 days ago

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Yikes! Definitely my wallet. I can use my phone to cancel my credit card and bank debit card. I can also make an appointment with city hall to get a new drivers license.

These days, if I step out without my phone, I feel nude.

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Wallet. There’s nothing in there but my debit card, license, and health insurance cards. All of which I can cancel/report stolen from my phone.

Plus, it’s short money to replace those. Phones are expensive.

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See I am different I would rather my phone be stolen over my wallet, the only thing I use the phone for is store numbers and talk to people.

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Well shoot. I don’t carry a purse. All my cards and info are in the wallet case of my phone.

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My wallet has very little in it, but it has a few credit cards, so I would rather lose my phone. I don’t have any apps on my phone, like venmo or paypal, and the phone has a lock code on it so I would rather lose the phone. My driver’s license and other forms of ID are not in my wallet, they’re in a separate little carrier thing. If I lose the phone, I would call and cancel my service so nobody could use it and then I’d just buy a new phone.

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Wallet would be a pain in the neck, but cost me much less. I guess my wallet.

If my phone was older then maybe I would say my phone.

My exboyfriend had his ipad stolen and tracked it and confronted the person the next day and got it back. Crazy for him to confront the person, but if my phone is stolen I can track it if they don’t shut it off.

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Phone. Theyd have no access to financials or my money.

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Actually, I carry my phone in my purse, so it would be hard to steal one and not the other. I’d rather lose my phone than purse because my purse contains too much stuff to replace.

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Both would suck.
The phone is the worst though.
I left it in an Uber one night, and I barely got it back. At the time I died have another phone, so I had to do all the hunting it down from a gas station.
Plus. My phone was over $2,000.
I JUST stopped paying on it.
So. If I lose my phone, I’m out the 2gs for my phone, and I’d probably have to finance another $2,000 one.

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I just looked to see what I paid for my phone and it was a little more than 200 dollars in 2021 (Samsung, unlocked), so they can have it.

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Go ahead and steal my phone.
1) It’s encrypted, you won’t get any info from it.
2) The cell number is unimportant to me I never give it out. Nobody calls it.
3) Because for 14 years I have used a virtual Google Voice number, which will ring any number I designate, plus I can make/take calls & texts from almost any device with a browser.
4) I can always get a new phone for $199 because I am not devoted to iPhones or new “flagship” Android phones.

1) You could use my credit/debit cards until I discovered the loss
2) You would have the $50—$100 cash I typically carry

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For me, replacing my wallet would be a big hassle time-wise. Replacing my phone would cost a lot money-wise just for the phone. My data and apps are backed up.

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