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Are you angry?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (32719points) January 4th, 2016

A recent poll finds 49% of Americans are angry. Please, read this very short article for an explanation of what different groups are angry about.

I’m a normal human, so I experience anger in some form daily. However, I am not driven by anger. I happen to be fairly content with my life as it is at present, and I have hope for the future. Perhaps I’m atypical. I meditate and exercise daily, so I have a good way to release anger. I do not take any medicine that would reduce anger in any way. I don’t drink or take street drugs.

What are you angry about, if anything?

And what do you do with your anger?

While this is a poll conducted in the USA, all jellies are welcome to join in the conversation.

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Ha. You just want advance info on the content of my up coming book. Not gonna happen. Good try. :)

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I have sent the mods a request to move this question to the Social Section.

Thanks. That was quicker than instant.

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@cazzie You’re on to me.

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[Mod says] Moved to Social on request.

[I say] No, I am not. I am almost never angry outside of arguments. I see anger as a necessary evil when it serves as fuel, making it possible to protect yourself – but all too often, people seem to be angry without attempting to resolve what they are angry about. There is very little point in getting angry at other drivers, kids being rambunctious, or a neighbour’s refusal to mow their lawn.

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@mod: Thanks.

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Loli always angry.
Loli smash!

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No, i’m whatever the opposite of that is…mostly.

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^^Watch that “mostly”.

@ragingloli You should be in a Mel Brooks movie.

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^Watch that, I like my name in red ;-}

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Nope, we have staff for that.

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If I were Canadian, I’d apologize.

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No! Damn it! Now quit asking me! (He says while silently sliding the selector from S to F) ;-)

I must be in the lucky 51% group. I can’t think of the last time I was angry. (Maybe a little when I saw how my idiot nephew spents his (mother’s) money this Christmas.

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This thread is not good for my rage.

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For the most part, no. I got mad today getting on the highway, when the guy on the road was not going to let me in. Otherwise, except for little things like that, no.

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I wonder when reading that how “angry” was defined. For me, anger is quite a strong emotion. I don’t get angry often. I do get irritated daily though. The thing is, I realize that the things that irritate me are not things I can control. I wish I could find ways other than repression or complaining to vent my irritation.

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When I was a small boy I recall having a violent temper. I hurt may Mother and Sisters with such manners and made their lives miserable. I’m so sorry for that. I guess that I have no more anger left inside of me.

Now the lack of legitimate anger is my problem. I never get angry. People have notice my lack of anger and asked me what it would take to get me mad. I have no clue. Sometimes when something goes wrong and people are watching I kind of try to fake anger so I don’t look so weird.

I went to see a military chaplain one time because I had a personal problem with a woman that I was dating. After I told him how she treated me he asked me it I was angry. I said no I just feel hurt and depressed. He said to me something like, “That concerns me because if a woman treated me like that, I’d be very angry!”

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Not angry. Sorry.

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Use your aggressive feelings, boy.
Let the hate flow through you.

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I have my sore spots. If I think about the gun lobby, or the influence of money in government, or inhuman treatment of refugees (really, inhuman treatment of anyone), I feel the anger rising up. I get angry with myself for doing or saying stupid stuff. I get angry when people drive like assholes.

Years ago, I would have thought that anger was something I shouldn’t experience (especially as a Zen guy), but now I see that it’s just something that comes and goes. As long as I don’t nurse it or build an identity around it, then it just moves on by. Where I have to be careful is not to let anger determine my actions.

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I always struggle with this. Sometimes I feel like I almost have a responsibility to be angry, like there’s something wrong with me if I say I’m happy when there are all these crises and atrocities going on all over the world. However, over time I’ve realized that nothing beneficial comes from me being angry about it (unless, of course, that anger fuels some sort of activism). I’m just as useful happy as I am angry, and I sure as hell feel better when I let go of the anger.

I do have to admit to sheltering myself a bit from what’s going on out in the world in order to keep myself happy. I want to be informed, and I am at a basic level, but I don’t force myself to watch the news every night because I know it will be harmful to my mental health.

I’m trying to walk a balance between being a responsible citizen and being kind to myself.

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@Mariah I do the same thing. I limit my exposure to the news, because I can’t really do anything about 99.99% of any of it. There are a few subjects that I pursue news for, and they all relate directly to my job. Other than that, I read the headlines and let it go. I am very passionate about most news, but I simply can’t do anything about it, so why upset myself unnecessarily?

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Not really surprised by that poll, another suggests some 68% of americans suffer from irony deficiency.

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I once used a broom to fix a vacuum cleaner. I’ve been inoculated for at least 5 years. I’m good. Thanks.

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I must be blacker than black. I very infrequently get angry, and in fact it startles me to find myself in that state from time to time.

There are any number of things that I ‘do not like’, but I don’t consider myself angry to encounter them, as a rule.

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@ucme I’m not one of the 68%. We have at least 3 steam ironies around the house, and a big strong irony board!

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@Yetanotheruser As I may have mentioned before, we have staff for that ;-}

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Of course.

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Um, probably more outraged than angry (generally speaking).

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It would be wrong to characterize me as angry. Like most of us, I can be angered, but those episodes are never sustained. And there is the problem of separating anger from frustration, and determining which is which, and the border between the 2.

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I realized at some point in the development of this thread I see anger on a spectrum. It has many levels that can all be described with other words, but I still see them as a form of anger.

I’ll be more careful in future questions.

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I’m not an American. I might start out a bit angry, but I end up more disappointed and saddened rather than angry. A young man (18) died yesterday after a one-punch attack. He was just walking to get a cab with his friend when two 21 year-olds challenged him for no reason at all and one hit him in the back of the head. I do feel angry about this. I also feel incredibly sad and worried for our youth.

My government can make me feel angry and frustrated. That happens pretty regularly.

I watch from afar the gun debate in your country and am just flabberghasted.

I see terrorist acts around the world and they make me angry.

So, I think I’m pretty angry on occasions.

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@Earthbound_Misfit Those are the types of news stories I protect myself from. They will make me angry, and there’s utterly nothing I can personally do to prevent them or fix them.

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I did think of writing that the only way to avoid such anger is to avoid consuming news @Hawaii_Jake. I can’t really do that, but over the last few days I have really thought that I’d really rather not have such things in my head.

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I read a lot related to my job. Otherwise, I read the headlines on The Guardian, US Edition.

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@ragingloli Thank you for the suggestion but I’m too far gone.
Perhaps my anger is compartmentalized and stored in my subconscious. Way down deep past the my lost dreams next to where I store my negativity, failures and humility. It’s in a huge iron walled vault with an infinitely complex combination lock. Even if I could access my anger at this late date in my life I’d likely find it shriveled up and long dead. You know what they say, use it or lose it.

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@Hawaii_Jake You have brought up a great point.

Apparently there are 4 basic emotions, sadness, happiness, fear and anger. So any emotion, no matter how minor, that involves the emotions we are discussing can most likely be traced back to anger, fear, or sadness. Maybe we could all spend more time reflecting on what is really happening in our minds. I think understanding, or attempting to understand, is a form of control and diffusion.

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I’m not an angry person. I can’t think of one thing that made me angry today.

I was angry two days before Christmas when I was driving home and got a flat tire. I didn’t think we had a spare and we had no extra money for a tow or new tire. My phone only works with Wi-Fi and no one would stop to help. I was on a country road and it was dark. I think this situation would make anyone angry at the moment.

I’m usually the one who tries to cheer others up when they are angry, but I’ve learned it’s usually best to let them deal with their anger on their own.

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Interesting article. I think I’ll just sit and wait for more Republican’s heads to explode from anger. This should be interesting. Popcorn anyone?

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I used to consider myself the chillest, most unflappable person ever. However, nowadays I’m 3 months sober (yay!) and it’s a crazy emotional rollercoaster. I’m like a cranky toddler- getting upset over stupid random bullshit, feeling uplifted/ elated over the littlest things, and taking lots of naps. Going for walks outside by myself usually brings it back to normal. I also have a few friends who meditate and got a book about it from the library today. I’m excited to start learning about it. Talking to someone or going to a meeting is a great outlet.

I do have some slow-simmering anger about oppression, though. It makes me angry that my friends are less likely than I am to get jobs or opportunities because of their race, or more likely to be punished for the same crimes, and I’m fucking outraged about the epidemic of police killings of unarmed black people. Pretty much every woman I know has had some terrible, dark night of the soul type shit happen to them. I know more than one woman who was sexually abused as a child, a woman who was roofied and date raped, a ton of women who were in every stripe of abusive relationship, two women who were stalked (one violently), and a woman whose ex punched her onto the floor and put a gun in her face. Even my nerdy, shut-in, videogamer friend who is a virgin was harassed by a guy from an online game for months. Like, is nobody safe? It’s kind of crazy that this stuff happens all the time and the world keeps spinning and everyday life goes on. And the fact that victims are shamed and disbelieved so often if they try to come forward. My friends are so amazingly dear to me and it just blows my mind that someone would do this to them.

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I am quick to anger, especially in the last few years. It’s a defense to the constant feeling that people are trying to take advantage of me and others. At it’s root it’s not being able to trust people and their motives and that they might be incompetent at their jobs. I’m so tired or having to second guess and protect myself.

What I talk about above has to do with money situations, whether it be getting something fixed at my house, or a medical procedure, or at this moment my realtor. In my personal life I am very trusting, and thank goodness, have good people around me.

In terms if external forces: my calm comes from friends and family. My anger comes from the outside world.

I think the average woman tends to witness, absorb, and take to heart bad things in the world happening directly to her and others as compared to men. I think it has to do with the constant defense we need to be on from a very young age. It wears on you.

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@Haleth and @JLeslie I have 2 daughters (20 and almost 18) who talk vociferously and often about rape culture. I am grateful they do, and it breaks my heart that it’s necessary. As a man, I hear it and understand it intellectually, but I don’t feel it deeply except when I contemplate how it affects my daughters. Thank you for writing and this.

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Sure there’s plenty to be angry about, but once again, it’s hard for me to get a fix on whether all this stuff I view as deterioration and crumbling in our societal relationships is accurate. Or is it just that I’m paying more attention. As I mentioned once before, every time I’m ready to pronounce us doomed, I recall in my youth the unending pronouncements from people of my current age on the impending doom around the corner.

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I rarely get angry in everyday life nowadays; I am contented most of the time. I trust most people and most of the time they live up to my trust.

I am very angry about arrogant and mean-spirited politicians and those who seek to impose their narrow view of life on others. As others have said, I find at times I need to shut out the bad news because it is too upsetting.

If I were a Black parent or child in America today, I’d be both scared and angry.

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I think there are different levels of anger. On most days I can be assured to be annoyed after watching or reading the news, and on occasion angered but after a few minutes of venting, it’s usually forgotten, unless it’s something of a personal nature.

But rarely am I so angered that it will completely ruin my day. Again that would have to be something that actually happened to me. Like the time I spent 3 days arguing with UPS because they kept saying they delivered something to my daughter when they didn’t and it turned out they never even loaded it onto the truck.

But my days are pretty uneventful as I am sure it is with most people. So I can’t see people being angry everyday unless they have some mental defect, or a really crappy life.

Even though I don’t have a job, I keep myself busy filling my life with things that need to get done or things I like to do. I keep my mind always occupied so I don’t wallow in matters that I have no control over.

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