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Have gas prices altered your behavior?

Asked by syz (35649points) July 24th, 2008

Do you drive differently? Have you cancelled trips? Or do you just suck it up and go about your business as usual?

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Suck it up and go about my business as usual.

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Have gas prices altered your behavior? No.
Do you drive differently? No.
Have you canceled trips? No.
Or do you just suck it up and go about your business as usual? Ding Ding!!

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I stopped wiping down my bicycle in gas before I ride it somewhere. I don’t drive but the increase in food prices has caused me to be a little more careful when shopping for food.

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Not yet on the driving. We are contemplating along car trip, and it has impacted my planning, but I have not changed anything.

I agree with JP. I have changed my food buying somewhat.

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I have stopped mowing my lawn, this has also impacted my neighbors’ behavior towards me.

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No. I still speed and rev my engine. I have a road trip planned in September. I suck it up baby! But my car does get good gas mileage.

And I still go to Whole Foods to but my food.

Fortunately we have yet to be effected by the “recession”, but I can’t say that will last forever.

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nope it’s still burning a hole in my pocket

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It’s down to $3.59 where I am, which I guess has to be better than the national average. Still, it’s a lot more than the $0.79 per gallon when I first took the wheel. I have considered becoming a worldclass runner, maybe I could just spend money on some good running shoes then.

@tinyfaery – Whole Foods is a great place. I think the one in Plano, TX might be the greatest supermarket in the world.

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I haven’t changed my behavior recently, but owning a car in the city (San Francisco) has changed my behavior

1. found a new job in the city (save time and money)
2. Bike to work (commute also equals exercise)
3. Let me sister use the car (don’t have to pay parking anymore very little in insurance)
4. To compensate, using (short term rental) and cabs

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Altered my behavior?
Yea i bitch about how poor i am more often now.

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i dont drive but my parents just have to suck it up now so no

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My NSX is no longer my daily driver. It’s now my civic si.

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and I hate that. I should have left the NSX stock.

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I saw a news story on hypermiling. that gave me ideas on how to get better mileage out of my SUV. I’ve stopped speeding (except on my motorcycle, which gets 38 mpg, so I’m not as worried about it), usually going about five under the limit on the highway. I also moved closer to where I work.

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Don’t hypermill. It’s dangerous, and often illegal.

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Yes. I find myself swearing a lot when I’m at the gas station now…

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@aidje—I disagree. I find that since I’ve started doing it, I’m actually a safer driver. I don’t speed, I don’t tailgate, and by slowing long before I have to, I never have to slam on my breaks at the last minute.

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Fair enough. Usually, hypermilling entails tailgating and other even more dangerous practices, such as shutting off one’s engine while going down the highway. So long as you refrain from such stupidity, then… well, then you’re not being stupid. So just, uh… keep not being stupid. :-)

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I rarely drive my Avalanche. I sold my other extended cab truck for a Sonata. I plan my trips more when running errands. Stay home more on weekends instead of going “do things” with the family.

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I do go less, and food prices have been killing my pockets. Yes things have changed for my family and I.

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