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My "Google My Business" is showing three locations and three "google +" pages for my one business which only has one location?

Asked by valdasta (2144points) January 19th, 2016

I just recently (today) “verified” my business on Google, but there may be a problem. Within the “Google my business” app. in the “manage locations”, I am coming up with three identical locations. When I further view the details of each one I have discovered that only one has its location published or verified (I am assuming that that is the one I just verified).
Am I right: I may have tried to claim or make a Google + account for my business two other times in the past, but never fully verified the business?
Here is my question(s):
1. It is not normal to have three locations\pages\google+
accounts when there is only one business?
2. How do I remove the ones I haven’t verified?
3. Will I hurt anything by removing the ones that are not verified?

p.s. thank you my merciful flutherites

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Google uses local business licenses for setting up a Google listing for a business. I know my wife had a business license for a home business. We stopped the business four years ago.
I received a call from from an “marketing and advertising” company today for the business.

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I tried to upload my trailer hire business information via Google+ account few months ago and there was a real lack of clarity of where it actually needed to be listed, and how this information appears on the various Google services for small local businesses like mine, which are known as Google Places, Google Maps, Google Local, and Google+. Now I decided to run a local social media marketing campaign, so after reading reviews on Buzzigo and other websites that I probably will be using for this, I began to notice that a very large number of businesses have ended up with more than one Google+ Page. The easiest solution to my problem was to merge all the Google+ pages to a single brand page which I use now to do all of my social sharing. Check the ‘Settings’ section in your account.

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