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Any recommendations on syncing all social media apps?

Asked by pleiades (6581points) January 8th, 2013

I’m active on Twitter, Tumblr, Google+, Facebook & Flickr. I’m looking for a way to sync these all somehow.

I’m most active on Tumblr. I post all my “project related” things here.

Twitter I kind of just sound off like most other people, and it’s where I blurt about pop culture. Most thoughts I post are quick and thoughtless there.

Google+ I really only like because of the Google search engine and if I post a photo or a tag it gets picked up on the Google search fairly quickly, since my last name is so distinct.

Facebook is where I like to keep in contact with newly made friends from school, workforce whatever.

Flickr is where I store all photos and once in a while take the time to comment on others photography.

Oh yeah, whoops I have an Instagram too. I guess I meant to use it somewhat like Twitter, instead the photographic version and I think of it as fun, fast, thoughtful post however, I take my time editing on it. I actually even like it enough to post on my Tumblr.

Do you sync all apps/social media sites?

Note I’m trying to get back in the mode of becoming a working artist. But since my 2 year break of producing works, the internet has exploded with many avenues to showcase works and I want to display works in a public manner, yet keep some sort of subtleness and not be extremely loud about the posts. Any little piece of advice would greatly be appreciated by every jelly possible! I super appreciate you taking the time to answer this, like truly

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HootSuite might help some.

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Perhaps can do what you want, though I’m not sure if it can do images nowadays.

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