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What are some tips on reducing foot pain at work?

Asked by aneedleinthehayy (1198points) July 24th, 2008

i work concession at the movie theater so its not really a terrible on-foot job but for some reason my feet hurt soo bad, even after just an hour or two. and its not just my feet but my ankles and shins and calves and hips. helpppp

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You might consider going to a custom orthotics store. They can test to see where the pressure points on your feet are and create inserts for your shoes.

It might also be a function of your shoes. Are you wearing shoes that are cushioned and designed to alleviate foot pain?

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I agree, orthotics are a great option to look at; mine made a huge difference! You could also see a Chiropractor (they can order orthotics too); they can evaluate your feet and hips for you and provide help if needed. Foot and ankle adjustments have helped me tremendously! It could be posture, shoes, muscle imbalance, prior injury, etc…

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@marina, i thought maybe it did have something to do with the shoes i was wearing so i bought some different ones and am going to see how they work out. worse comes to worse i think i will see an orthotic like you and bwq76 suggested. thank you!

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You might also consider bringing a second pair of shoes and leaving them in your locker or car. I find that when my feet get tired, even if they are good shoes, a change always helps.
Make sure the second pair is more loose, and has a lower heel than the first pair.

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First, see if rolling a tennis ball under your arch helps. This won’t solve any longterm problems, but it may give some immediate relief. I don’t know what you are permitted to wear at work, but you should find a store that understands the proper mechanics of fitting feet. If you are having some sharp pains under the arch and possibly in the heel, chances are you are developing plantar fasciitis. It’s pretty common, though it does require some rehab to repair, which can consist of proper shoes (it would need to be what’s called a motion control shoe most likely), perhaps some good orthotics (some generic ones won’t work that well), and some stretching (which you could probably find a demonstration online, or there is something called Strassburg Sock, which you can purchase).

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how long have you been at this job?

I had the same problem standing at a job all day. Then my body just got use to it.
Your body hopefully will start to go tolerance and strength by standing all day.

Shoes are your bestfriend in this situation. Try to pickup some shoe insoles with lots of padding.

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See a podiatrist and ask about custom molded orthotics. Don’t get the ones you can buy online or in a walk in store because they can do you more harm than good. Before scheduling an appointment, check with your insurance company to see if they are covered. Tell them you want to get orthotics, and the CPT (identifiying) code is L3000.

You need a specialist to prescribe these because they can take an impression of your foot, diagnose your needs and oreder the lab to make them according to your needs. if they are not covered, the can be costly.. around $500.00. If you can’t afford them, get a pair of spencos. They should help a little.

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Maybe try some better shoes or insoles.

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Dr. Scholls Gel Sole things. Really Comfy I sometimes use them.

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I never said to stop kicking people’s asses so much??

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While sitting at my desk I always take my shoes off. A desk job is a must in this day and age. You too can have one and you don’t even need a college degree. I make $80,000 a year sitting here watching Hulu and farting around. Life rocks.

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