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Do you live in blizzard affected area?

Asked by imrainmaker (8365points) January 22nd, 2016 from iPhone

I hope you are doing fine / safe and sound. Anyone you know who lives there?

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Nope. My parents do though. I just posted on Facebook asking my friends who live there how it’s going, and if they have heard of any power outages. My parents live in a town/city where all power lines are underground, except the main grid lines and power plant, so they rarely lose power, but since they have electric heat, losing power in storm conditions can be scary.

Not to mention, my parents don’t have a garage, so they still go out and shovel snow to be able to get their car out. I don’t want them to do it anymore. They’re in their 70’s.

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I wish.

I feel bad for people having a hard time, but I love big snowstorms.

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My parents have almost two feet so far and it’s still coming down. They’re trapped inside for now. Electricity is on, so they’re fine.

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Good to hear that..

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@JLeslie Where do your parents live?

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Ours was last week but we just call it “winter weather”.

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Maryland. They have neighbors who will make sure their ok. My exboyfriend would go to help them if need be, but that won’t be necessary I’m sure.

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I live in California. We have no weather here. A half inch of rain is enough for an “alert”.

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