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Will being on the computer too much result in bad vision in the future.. and possibly glasses?

Asked by The_Inquisitor (3163points) July 24th, 2008

I’m paranoid about many things in life, but what nowadays isn’t bad for you eh? lol. Being on the computer too much, would it one day result in my getting glasses? worse vision? Can i improve my vision by eating a lot of carrots everyday?

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And regarding the carrot question, Snopes says no

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It’s been awhile since my Eye Physiology class, but considering that my area of expertise is vision, I should probably give this carrot question a go. I remember being in that class and thinking it was hilarious that this old wives tale actually came from something! Of course it’s not true that eating a lot of carrots will improve your visual acuity, but it’s interesting to note that this little tidbit of wisdom may have come from somewhere.

Carrots contain Vitamin A, which is necessary in the production of rhodopsin. Rhodopsin is formed from the combination of retinol and opsin, and it is what gives us our ability to see in dim light. So, eating carrots (or other foods rich in Vitamin A) is related to your ability to see in dimly lighted conditions.

I’m sure you remember from 6th-grade biology that the eye contains two types of receptors, rods and cones. Cones are used for seeing in bright light and they’re concentrated in the fovea, as they allow to you see what is directly in front of you. Rods are used in dim light and peripheral vision. Rhodopsin is related to your rods, so there you have it.

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yea but your cones and rods don’t have to do with astigmatism and the shape of your eye, which is why glasses exist.

I don’t pay attention to the medical world, but consider yourself lucky if your eyes remain the shape they are and you don’t have to get glasses, if they do land up changing shape, get contacts!

I’m starting to think of going contacts soon.. but i can’t stand stuff near and especially in my eye.

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The computer worsens eye strain. Also, people tend to blink less when they are looking at a computer and their eyes can become more dry and more fatigued. If you are on the computer for an extended period of time, your eyes are focusing on one distance and it becomes more difficult for your ciliary muscles to relax (the muscles that control the lens of eye to focus close up or far away). It is better to periodically change your focus to a different distance to give your muscles a break. Carrots will help with your retina, but not with your lens or the muscles.

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