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What is you "home food"?

Asked by simone54 (7616points) July 25th, 2008

I just went back home to South Jersey. I lived in a California for almost a year. I was happy go home and eat Pizza, Cheese steaks, Tasty-Kakes, Herrs Potatoes Chips and great Italian food (I didn’t have any time for pork roll). What do you get when you go home?

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(Miami, FL)

Cuban guava pastries

Cuban coffee

mangos from my Mom’s tree

fresh avocados

fresh keylime pie

Pizza and garlic rolls from Miami’s Best Pizza

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@Mcbealer What? No pulled pork sandwiches?

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I am home. But, when I lived in NoCal, and I’d come down for a visit, I always wanted “real” Mexican food. No place better outside of, well, Mexico of course.

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Hi I’ve lived all over the world, I still like toasted cheese and tomato sandwiches best tho’.But in N.Z. it’s definitely fresh salmon. In Germany it“s Nurnberger sausages on a bun, in South Africa it is frsh guava juice, pawpaws and biltong. In San Francisco it is clam chowder and Ah! the very best—lobster bisque down at the wharf. Actually a nice medium rare fillet steak and chips is also top of my list.

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Pilot whale, air-cured lamb, dry fish…...sounds a bit so-so, but you can’t beat it!

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Arroz con pollo
Cuban pork sandwich on plantain
Shark Bake
Makes me homesick just thinking about it.

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Has to be Mexican food, which here is more Tex-Mex, but I love it.

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I envy you!! (yes, I am obsessed with Texas….it’s a real concern…)

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My mummy’s roast dinners! Also, toad in the hole is always a winner!

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I’m from Southern California (relocated to the midwest), when I go home I want Baja Fresh, El Pollo Loco, In and Out Burger, and Jamba Juice.

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I am from Quebec, Canada.

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I lived all over growing up.

At home food for me is Southern because my parents grew up there. So, yes, pulled pork BBQ, grits, really fine patty sausage unlike you can get anywhere else, greens, fried chicken, black-eyed peas, fresh tomatoes (also unlike anywhere else) corn.

I have my own favorites from everywhere though.

From Philly: Cheesesteak and these odd little seasonal candies called Irish Potatoes (available for St. Patrick’s Day), soft pretzels.

From New York: real bagels (do not taste the same anywhere else), hot pastrami, cheese slice of pizza (Oh, manna by any other name).

From Maine: lobster, lobster roll (really its own separate food), chowders of all types (clam and haddock) blueberry pancakes, whoopie pies.

From Seattle: Fisher scones with raspberry jam, salmon, coffee, Frango mints.

Dang, I made my mouth water!

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Pittsburgh, PA is home for me, and when I go home, some really good pierogies are always at the top of my list. Also, a trip to the deli near where I grew up is in order – real matzo ball soup, cheese blintzes, scrambled eggs with lox… Yum!

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New Mexico: a green chile and cheese Lotaburger from Blake’s and the carne adovada breakfast at Garcia’s

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Borsh, pancakes, salad, salo :)) things, which you, people have never even tasted :)))

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Louisiana- Crawfish, Andouille, Alligater, Turtle, Oysters, Gumbo, Boudin, Cracklins

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@gooch Yum!

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Home = my kitchen. I’m a way better cook than my ma was, and she was pretty good. Nothing fancy. Caprese salad when I can get good tomatoes (not easy up here in the north). Green salad with the vinaigrette made in the salad bowl itself, oil and salt first, mix in the greens, then add the vinegar/lemon juice mix, NO balsamic. Various things with chicken and wine. Steamed asparagus with sesame oil. Boeuf bourguignonne. Steamed carrots with ginger and honey.
Roasted potatoes and parsnips with a great deal of rosemary and kosher salt. That amazing cake I learned from Susan Bennerstrom, with ground almonds, grated carrots, ground chocolate, and egg whites. Homemade hot fudge sauce over a good brand of coffee ice cream.
Plenty of grapes. Plenty of blackberries with a little heavy cream. Blueberry pie with cinnamon. Plenty of Olympia, Kumamoto and Totten Virginicus oysters, freshly shucked and eaten without even lemon.

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p.s. Homegrown grapes.

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pesto tortellini with lots of artichokes, broccoli, peas, mushrooms, pine nuts, and other yummy stuff.

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New York City: Bagels, pizza, and, ironically, Japanese, Indian, and Chinese foods.

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@susanc I am lovin’ you oysters naked and raw that the way we do em

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@ simone54 ~ nope, veg-head here
Do love plaintains though, oh and black beans and rice

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