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Why does my hair grow uneven?

Asked by cecilia09 (205points) January 30th, 2016

My hair seems to grow uneven, for example: on the crown It is more full, but when it starts to go down all the way to my back is thinner or less hair, I wash my hair 2 times a week, I had dandruff but is controlled now, and my scalp is moderately oily, nothing severe.
can anyone recommend me any tip.

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I think that’s normal. If you want them to grow even, a visit to the salon would help.

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I’m about to get my hair cut that way XD (V layer cut). It’s not all bad if you style it right! Truth be told, I don’t know what your hair looks like, but it sounds like a haircut that is very popular around here now.

Now.. on what’s causing it… Do you pull your hair half up with rubberbands by any chance? A frequent ponytail user? I noticed that my (then 2 year old) daughters hair got that way when I pulled the front back with rubberbands. They would cause the hair to break off in that sort of pattern. We fixed it by finding other hairstyles and then going with the “ouchless” rubberbands… which break and don’t stay on as well, but 2 years later and her hair is even and healthy, so.. guess it worked.

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