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How do I recover erased tasks on a phone calendar?

Asked by longgone (17910points) February 1st, 2016

I have a Samsung XCover phone. Yesterday, it wouldn’t recharge, and it died sometime in the evening. I put my card into an old phone and used that.

Today, my XCover is back to normal. However, it has an in-built calendar which I rely on…now, that calendar is completely empty.

This is a bit of a crisis. Got any advice?

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I wish I had good news. I don’t. I doubt there is any way to retrieve lost information from any electronic device that was not backed up somehow.

When you have time and you’ve calmed down from this crisis, I suggest you use a calendar app like Google Calendar. You can use this app across all devices. It syncs automatically, too. Enter something on one device, and it shows up in the app on all other devices.

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Thanks, Jake! I am getting Google Calendar immediately.


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Um. I downloaded Google Calendar, opened it…and was greeted by all my data. The in-built calendar is still empty.

Slightly scary, but very, very cool!

Thank you!!

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Did you not know that @Hawaii_Jake is a wizard? Whatever solution he gives is always the right one…

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You now know my secret.

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Google does take some information when you access and download.
Some don’t care, others wish to avoid such.

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@Stinley  ”...@Hawaii_Jake is a wizard.”

I can see that now!

@msh Yeah, you’re right. Google knows all about me already, though. Evidently, they knew about my schedule even before I told them.

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Scary, isn’t it?
Go off the wall with some events- keep them on their toes.

Birthday party- Zanzibar July 12th
Pick up ice-Greenland December 4th – take station wagon
Drop kids off at park- February 21— buy some kids first
Charity Black and White party December 25— send eggplant suit to cleaners -pup 24th

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