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Is that Quicken Loans Super Bowl ad an omen of another housing crash?

Asked by ibstubro (18804points) February 8th, 2016

The Quicken Loans Ad

Yes, this question is a blatant ripoff from a news article but only because I had the same thought when I saw the ad.

Wasn’t that the subprime mortgage crisis in a nutshell?

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Was the Doritos commercial an omen of a large rise in birthrate?

No, of course no.

Hyperbolic advertising. I mean really, how many people are going to download an app, apply for a mortgage, and buy a house in 10 minutes? Really!

Their message, I think, was ease. I cannot imagine that they have any expectation of a rush of instant mortgages.

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Probably true, @elbanditoroso, but their vision of the future looked eerily like the past.

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I thought that too! They buy houses they can’t afford and then need to fill them with more, Made in China, crap they can’t afford.
How many of the products shown floating in the sky were made in the US? 1%? 5%?
And the one product they did show being made in the US was hand-made wooden legs for couches made in a shop of all white males fiddling around with their phones.
Getting a mortgage should be a big commitment. You are making a contract with a bank that will take a large portion of your finances and will outlast 50% of the marriages in the US.
It should take some time to get one.

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Now in the hands of a child!
I liked that you could get a mortgage as an afterthought while watching a magic show on stage. Heck, while you’re performing in a magic show!

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All part of the Cult of Consumerism.

We have to keep buying to keep having things to buy. Don’t worry, resources are infinite. When we use up one we move to another. No more Cod? Try Haddock. Haddock gone? Hey, look, Tilapia? See? Endless resources!

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