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Who has been bitten by a snake?

Asked by MooCows (3195points) February 16th, 2016

I was wondering how many people actually have
been bitten by a snake? I live on a farm and this
is my biggest fear.

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Sure. No big whoop.

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I have been bitten at least twice I remember, but neither broke skin.
I was a kid and both times I remember feeling a thump on my boot and looking down to see milky white liquid dripping off the leather.

One of the creepiest feelings I remember as a kid was running through the (several acre) front yard and stepping on the garden hose in the grass. Only to realize I yards from the house, and way too far for a hose to reach.
Big snake, close to home.

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I have been bitten many times by the boa we once owned when I was a kid and about a dozen garter snakes and thankfully nothing poisonous….yet. Did have 2 close calls with rattlers though.

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I live in rattlesnake land here in the Sierra Nevada hills of Northern CA. No bites for me but several close encounters and my cat was bitten in the summer of 2012 by a huge Pacific Diamondback rattler under my front deck on a July evening.
He survived a $1000,00 later. I love all nature and wildlife but I blew that snakes brains out under my deck, you bet’cha. All snakes are beneficial but the rattlesnakes that are too close to the house and my pets they get killed.

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Black rat snake bit me as a kid. I was fucking with it like a dumb ass though. Not really a big deal.

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When I was on a BSA camping trip, I saw an all-black snake and decided to pick it up. I picked it up by its tail and didn’t realize it was repeatedly biting my calf until I felt the blood running down my leg I had 3 or 4 bite marks but didn’t even feel them! I brought it to some wildlife expert who assured me it wasn’t poisonous. He told me the best way to pick up snakes is right past the head. He also told me it’s not a good idea to pick up snakes.

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Spent some time in rattler country in Central Texas, never got bitten. I was bitten by a garters snake when I was a kid in Illinois. Never broke the skin, no worries.

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Never been bitten, but I might’ve when I was young—6 years old I think?—and we were on a family hike. My sister and I were way in front of our parents, and as I was skipping along my sister’s arm came out to her side, whacking me in the gut. I kept trying to push it away, but she wouldn’t let me budge. She just pointed out 10 feet from where we stood, and I kept grumbling and complaining, until I heard a sudden “sssssss” ... a baby rattlesnake had coiled up in the middle of the dirt road, directly ahead of me, almost the same color as the dirt, silent until the commotion of me fighting my sister startled it. Probably I would’ve walked right into it.

6th and 7th grade our class pet was a 7’ boa constrictor, Bobbi. She was the sweetest, most social creature, even for all the abuse she got (poor living conditions for most of her life, and a bunch of bratty middle schoolers poking at her.) She only bit once in those two years: the first day back from summer in 6th grade, after she had been left alone in the classroom without heat or food and basically no water, and was suddenly snatched out of her cage and harassed by a group of kids. The guy who got her teeth sunk into his forearm admitted he deserved it. Under normal conditions she seemed to love being out, draped over our shoulders, crawling about the little human jungle.

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My sister’s 4 year old grandson was bitten by a rattlesnake, and spent around 5 days in Children’s hospital getting anti-venom.

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King snake and a few lizards too.

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Ball Python. No big deal. Non-venomous and I was too big to swallow.

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No. And I hope I never have that experience. Since we have the world’s second most venomous snake, along with many of their cousins, slithering around this area, I’d really rather we never cross paths. This week a six-year-old girl was bitten by a brown snake and died. Poor little poppet.

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Moment of silence.

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I’ve been bitten by many, none venomous (rat snakes, garter snakes, several species of boa, one python). Really, it’s the speed of the bite that makes it so shocking – not pain.

Snakes have one of 3 types of teeth. Constrictor dentition (any non-venomous snake, regardless of whether they are constrictor-type snakes) typically have 2 rows of teeth on the upper jaw and one row on the bottom. The teeth are backward facing and hook-like. You should never snatch the snake away if it is biting you; you’ll do more tissue damage ripping the teeth out of your flesh. Just wait for the snake to back itself out of the bite.

Groove fanged snakes usually have one upper row of teeth as well as a set of fangs, and hollow fanged snakes may have fixed or erectile (sometimes called retractable) fangs – pretty cool.

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I agree with @syz. I’ve heard stories here of people not even realising they have been bitten or that they’ve been bitten multiple times. Also, snakes don’t always inject venom when they bite.

Fascinating creatures. I just don’t want them in my immediate environment.

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When he was much younger my son had become fascinated by snakes (it was one of the few times I remember not having to nag him to read) and had a very good grasp on the local species so was well aware which were venomous and which were not. One afternoon while out playing with his friend in a nearby creek bed they encountered a diamondback water snake. After asking my son if it was poisonous and being told no his friend grabbed it by the tail and mid-section and picked it up. According to my son, his friend immediately starting yelling “He’s trying to bite me! He’s trying to bite me! What should I do? What should I do?” My son told him putting it down and leaving it alone would be a good start.

He seemed genuinely surprised that the snake would try to defend itself.

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