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What do you consider to be the worst thing you did as a kid/teen?

Asked by DrasticDreamer (23983points) February 17th, 2016

On a regular basis, that is. Stealing, starting fires, lying, etc? Was there anything or were you pretty well-behaved?

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I was too well behaved. I did fight with my brother a lot, but other than that, I did nothing significantly bad, more’s the pity.

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I was the quintessential rebellious teen. I did it all, but I’m not sorry about it and I don’t feel guilty. In retrospect, the worst thing I did was waste my intelligence. That’s the thing I most regret. tbh, I still waste my intelligence.

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Chase boys that didn’t respect me.

I spent 36 hours in jail and served 5 years probation because I followed the wrong guy.

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I was really into fishtanks when I was about 14.. I had a pretty sweet set up that with the exception of the actual tank (50 gallon) was entirely stolen. I would walk into pet stores and grab fish tank stuff and run. The filter on my tank was over 300 bucks. Stolen.

I did it about 5 times and was never caught.

I was eventually nabbed but not for fish tank theft. I went into mall and stole a few pairs of air Jordens and Stussy shirts and Levis. I made it about a mile while being chased and eventually arrested. The cop fucked me up pretty good. I think that is why I was never charged with anything. I was booked and my mom picked me up. Never heard anything about it ever again. My mugshots had me covered in my blood.

My mom was pretty proud of me. I got a Ice Cream cake from Baskin Robbins for running as well as I did.

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Drove drunk a lot starting in high school.

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Driving drunk is way worse than my fish tank related snatch-and-grabs.

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The only really consistent thing I can think of is when my sister and I were left home alone all the time at 8 and 10. We’d get into arguments like any siblings, but we’d end up grabbing butcher knives and chasing each other through the house with them. One of us would manage to slam a door in the other’s face and we’d just carve up the door with the knife. :-/ What’s completely baffling is that we had a much better relationship as teenagers and adults than any other siblings I’ve ever met.

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Oh man.. When we were living with my grandma and food was scarce I accidentally tripped and spilled a plate of spaghetti. My sister was so mad she pinned me on the couch and kept hitting me with the plate. Totally blame my grandma for that one. She was getting 1800 a month to take care of us and my sister lost her shit over ten cents of noodles and sauce.

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Destroyed a lot of mailboxes, a vacant house and some public property. Damaged a car or two.

Ah, the joys of growing up in a “quaint” little town where the only activities available to teens are drugs, sex, vandalism or lame Christian teen clubs ran by douchy youth ministers (who later get convicted of molestation and statutory rape).

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Dunno, probably drank too much at parties. I had to call my folks once to bail me out of jail for underage drinking. Aside from the high school party scene I was a good little boy most of the time.

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The most dangerous thing to my safety would be drinking and driving. In those days, drinking and driving was just starting to be an issue, and the legal limit was higher than it is now. On several occasions I’d been pulled over for other infractions, and cops knew I’d been drinking, but because I could handle myself I was let go. It was a different world.

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I was such a fucking goody two shoes that my biggest fuck up from that age was when I insisted on going to school to take a mandatory state exam, because I didn’t want to have to make it up over the summer, when my parents wanted to take me to the ER because my entire body was in severe unexplained pain.We went to the hospital 3 hours later than my parents would have liked and less than 24 hours after that I almost died of septic shock.

My teen years were weird.

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Started smoking.

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I’ve stayed out after my curfew a few times. I’m a badass, I know.

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Masturbated while watching Scooby Doo, Daphne Blake was such a cockteaser.

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We got the upstairs of our house renovated. My dad was doing a lot of the final finishing himself and had tiled the walls of the bathroom in some attractive avocado tiles. He had not quite finished around the door. I did something to my sister and she chased me into the bathroom. I slammed the door and slid the lock across. Unfortunately the door wasn’t quite shut so when my sister shoved it, the lock caught on the edge of the tiles and smashed two of them. There weren’t any more left. My parents bought another box but the colour didn’t quite match. Those two tiles were there for the next five years that we lived there. A constant reminder of that terrible deed and how angry my parents were.

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Stealing. Twice. The first time was when I was 6. There was a new kind of toys that was popular among the children. I wished I had one too, so one night when everyone was gathering in one room, I secretly went to another room and took the money out of my mom’s purse. I got the toys but I didn’t know how to play :p Anyway, somehow my mom found out, and that night I got a hell of a lecture.

The second time was 4 years later. I had vowed not to steal again, but this time there was another game. I tried to save every penny I could find for it. But by the time the game was about to be sold out I still had some more money left ahead of me. I had to resort to stealing again. This time I got the money from a drawer. I knew it was of litte value for my dad and he was like abandoning it, but stealing is stealing right?

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