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How often do you check Fluther?

Asked by btko (2816points) July 25th, 2008
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I check fluther four or five times a day, every day.
I don’t always comment or anything, but I’d have a look around and who’s said what. It’s a good thing to do during your down time.

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All day every day from work. it break ups the monotony between communications with clients.

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Every hour or so at work, and then intermittently when I am on the computer at home.

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Many times an hour, throughout the day. Got to love modern wireless technology.

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At least once a day. If I don’t have a million and six other things to do, I check it more often to fill time.

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Once daily…..

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At least forty times daily.

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A gazillion times EVERY day

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haha I am the same as all of you then :p

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I’m ashamed to admit it…

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Let’s just say I’ve never missed a lurve point for ”visiting two days in a row!

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I Fluther a few times a day depending on my schedule.

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Two or three times a day – but I seem to get more and more addicted as the days go by…

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Lets see…..
While having my morning coffee I’ll read updates to ‘activity for me’ – if time allows I might even respond.
During the day, if I find myself with a few minutes to kill (waiting for a task to complete or something), I’ll have a quick look around.
Once I get home and am not doing anything else, I’ll sit down and clear all alerts and just mess around on here for a while.

So, pretty much all the time.

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well I’m totally new to Fluther, joined yesterday – so I’m still figuring out how it works. I’ll probably check it daily as my time is limited (4 others in the household all vying for the computer!)

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It’s now 1:23 pm EST.

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every day differ times

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Now it’s 2:14 pm.

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from iPhone, maybe 10x a day.

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