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A la Fight Club, who would win?

Asked by happiNESS (138points) July 25th, 2008

Leonidas (300) v. Maximus (Gladiator)?

John McClane (Die Hard) v. Chuck Norris?

Angelina Jolie v. Uma Thurman?

Jason Statham v. Christian Bale?

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Angelina would win vs. all opponents because her practically two-dimensional frame would make it nearly impossible for an adversary to land a punch/kick/bite.

Victoire… JOLIE!

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John McClane

Can’t decide on the other two. Sorry internet fanboys, but John McClane is the only person who can beat Chuck Norris. Yippi-ki-yay, motherf…

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Uma Thurman is a giant woman, with at least some meat on her bones. She’d so kick Angelina’s ass!!!

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Maximus, Uma, and Jason. I don’t know about John v. Chuck seeing as how I never saw either of those movies.

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Leonidas (no contest-“This is Sparta!”)
McClain (what cottonghamk says)
Uma (with Kataka)
Statham (unless Bale had Batsuit then all bets off)

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I’m just happy you didn’t say Jolie vs. Aniston. I’m so sick of that hogwash.

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yeah, this is a real fluther question right here…. none of that getting smarter stuff right here, nope, just good old bit wastin’

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