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What does "I'll be on you" mean?

Asked by cofeka (154points) March 3rd, 2016

I need to translate this video, but there’s a part I don’t get it.

At 0:03 of this video, the man said “then I’ll be on ya wingman.”

Did he mean “the wingman in enemy team is his next target” or “he will fly on the top of his wingman”?

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Your wingman is your associate, he is on your side as a someone flying right next to you.

So I would interpret this to mean

“I’ll be right next to you in a second” or “Hang on, I’ll be right there”.

“on you” in this case should not be taken literally,

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He is taking care of a problem (in this case dispatching an enemy fighter) and then will be there to help out or help protect his teammate/partner/wingman.

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