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When's the last time you got caught with your pants down? Metaphorically speaking.

Asked by Coloma (47090points) March 9th, 2016

You all know the deal, being totally disheveled and unpresentable and being surprised by someone. ( Probably more of a female thing, granted. )
Maybe you just got out of the shower and some one knocks on the door or maybe it’s a sloppy PJ day and Fed Ex shows up for a signature. haha
I just had to go all the way down the big front staircase here on total display, descending like a debutante in all my coming out glory, and walk 30 yards to the gate to sign for a damn Fed Ex delivery.

Blue flannel Tinkerbell PJ bottoms with a giant, rumpled, rust colored, bag lady sweater, blue and yellow striped socks and my pink and brown cowboy boots. A true country clown lady. lol
Sooo, when is the last time you were caught with your pants down. Literally or figuratively.

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Not too long ago it was a Sat morning and one of my wife’s yoga students came by to drop off a class payment. I was in the office adjacent to the front door doing some work. What was should have been a 5 minute max exchange turned into a 20+ minute blah blah fest and the coffee I was drinking caught up to me and I had to come out of the office in my hooded bathrobe. Needless to say it was not my best moment meeting a person for the first time. XD

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First you need to understand my bathroom habits. (If this is TMI, skip to the next Q.)
I sleep in an undershirt and white briefs. My morning order of business is: pee, eat breakfast with coffee and check email, poop, take a shower and get dressed. I’ve honed this procedure over 40 years and it is most efficient, it minimizes laundry, and leaves me feeling clean all day.
Got it?
I was having a late, relaxing breakfast when I noticed a critter destroying one of my bird feeders. I keep a pellet gun at the ready in the garage in case I need to dissuade something. I walked out into the garage in my undies, opened the door so I could shoot unseen through the narrow gap between the door and the door jamb. For stability I rest my arm and the rifle on my large tool box. I was carefully lining up the shot when my garage door opened and in walked my 80+ year old neighbor. Rifle in hand, still supported on the tool box, I looked over my shoulder at her and she said, “I hope I’m not disturbing anything.”

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Hah! Very good you two!
@Cruiser did you pull the hood of your bathrobe over your face to look like a monk?

@LuckyGuy You probably should start wearing colored BVD’s in case you’re surprised before your morning constitutional. haha

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@Coloma Yes I did only in the hopes I could pass off for one of my sons. XD

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Well, this strikes me as hilarious, but my grandsons, probably not so much so.

If the kids managed to get locked out of the house they know they can climb in through the bathroom window. They even made a song about that.

One day I was in the bathroom preparing to take a shower. I had dropped the last stitch of clothes when suddenly my 9 year old grandson started climbing in through the bathroom window while his 6 year old brother just opened the door and walked in! The timing was perfect. I was hit from two sides…..but then they both about killed themselves backing out! I still don’t know what that was all about…did they get together and plan it or what? So it was hilarious to me, not so much to them, I’m sure, and I bet neither of them go in a bathroom without knocking again!

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You may have scarred those children for life, who knows what might happen, they could develop a grandma fetish. I guess you’ll find out when they start dating. If they bring home a 50 year old girl friend at 17. lol

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You are a sick woman, @Coloma!

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I had ordered a desk that wasn’t due to arrive for another week. Well I decided to have a total me day. Which meant working out and follow up by have a facial treatment. So I was also doing laundry and only had one pair of old sweats that I would use for working out. They are so old and comfortable but have a big hole in the thighs from where they thinned out and have paint spots and bleach spots on them. I also wore a matching shirt that has holes on the abdomen and wore my work out bra that holds me pretty well but gives me a uni boob.
Well my work out was done and I wasn’t going to shower or change or until I completed my facial. I put a blue mask on for the first time to try it out. I had put an extra layer on my nose for blackheads. Well I got a text message from my husband that UPS would deliver the package sometime today. I figured with my luck it would be any moment. So I quickly washed off the mask and finished wiping it off with some paper towels. I totally forgot about how my clothes looked.

Minutes later the UPS came and knocked and wanted to know if I wanted the package downstairs in the garage or bought upstairs. I live in a townhouse.
So he looked at me and smiled and ran to the truck to get my item. I met him in the garage. Again he looked at me and smiled like he was going to laugh.
It wasn’t till my husband arrived home and asked me what was up with my face that I realized the mask had left a green tint all over my face and that my uni boob was a really bad sight along with the holes in the clothes.

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