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Why would any school district take the claim that "a teacher has turned a student gay” seriously?

Asked by NerdyKeith (5464points) March 10th, 2016

Believe it or not, back in 2012; a school teacher from Florida was accused of turning a student gay. She was only trying to help a young girl who was being harassed by her step father on Twitter.

She says this has ruined her career, she also said:

“I reported cyber bullying from stepfather to his stepdaughter on twitter about her sexual orientation. I reported properly and I was charged with professional misconduct for reporting the abuse. This was a tactic by my bullying principal. I was outspoken about student safety, rules application equity and issues with administration.”

Again since this is an older story I posted on Yahoo Answers a few years ago, I have no further information on the resolution. But you can read the full story here

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a school teacher from Florida

Because it’s Florida.

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I think the simple reason is that the principal was already holding a grudge against her, so the incident was just a perfect oppotunity for him to take her down. When you hold so much grudge you can do anything to harm someone, no matter how ridiculous it may be.

I feel sad for that woman. I don’t know if she has claimed her justice or not.

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After googling a little, it looks like the principal was an idiot. He’s still at the school, so I guess Broward County feels he’s ok.

I’m not sure, but it looks like that principal wants to deal with everything in house, give everyone the idea the school and it’s students have no problems. It might be because FL schools are given grades, and reputation means a lot to schools, because they want parents to want their children to go there. The population of a school is what gives the school money. It gets money per student.

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The updated article says the charges were dropped.

I live fairly close to the area, and have friends who live there. Several of those friends are educators.

Broward county is becoming so hostile to education that several of my friends are taking action to find new employment outside of the school system.

These are SCA friends: people who are passionate about education and do recreational things the hard way for fun.

This story is yet another justification of my choice to home school.

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I live fairly close to the area

I’m terribly sorry @Seek ;^)

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Yep and Trump will sweep the state and we’ll all wonder how such a thing is possible?

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@Seek Did you move?

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I’m still in Tampa, but compared to Ireland, I’m right next door. The goings-on in the Broward school district are for all intents and purposes local news.

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Because Florida is a Third World nation. That entire region is a little scary, with the poor education, high poverty rates, and so much faith that they would honestly believe that two plus two equals fish if their pastor told them because The Bible is “The Ultimate Truth” while things like science and federal laws are merely the hubris of Man. In other words, it’s Paradise for Republicans.

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@Seek I just thought maybe you followed me down here. Lol. I’m in Palm Beach County for now (borders Broward for those who don’t know).

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Nah, I’ll probably stay in Hillsborough until I leave the state. I’ll be moving to Brandon in the next month or two, though. Something more closely resembling civilization than this paper-factory-cum-church-farm town.

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Palm Beach County is full of Jews and Catholics! Plenty of atheists around with such a large Jewish population (1 in 3 households has a Jew in it last I read the statistics for Boca, I don’t know about other cities here. I’m in Delray and this subdivision has to be 75% Jewish). It’s like being on Fluther. Only a sprinkling of evangelicals mostly concentrated mostly way north in the county. LOL. Every Tuesday I go to a current events discussion where my inlaws live (I’m staying with them) and there are other groups too. I might sit in on the stock market meeting that happens at the end of the month.

I looked at the principals photo regarding this Q and he does look clean cut Christian, but you can’t always know by looks of course.

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