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Is this list of terrorist ID's, personal info, and worldwide locations for real?

Asked by msh (4262points) March 10th, 2016 from iPhone

This is a report I have been researching since it hit the airwaves for the public. Scotland Yards’ coup? The following is one of the first sources stating it’s existance. All reports are echoing like-facts about these documental leaks contents, existance and authenticity.
Do you believe what the incredibly possible ramifications can be gleaned from the turnover of such explosive information could have the potential to accomplish around the world?
Is it true?
Hype to cause fear in ISIS ops and cells around the world?
Anger from within the organization about loss of the wages and ‘illegal’ powerful drugs given to drive fighters harder as zealots? Support supplies being cut and / or destroyed by the opposition via bombings,
Or the lies and misinterpretations of the Koran, itself?
The possibilities are stunning- if true. ***
I’m gobsmacked- as all should be if authentic.
Should this list be published for all to see names and places of ISIS terrorrists(cowards)?
What if a cell/ persons lived or were sleeper cells awaiting activation orders, near to You?
Do you wish to know?
Any ramifications?

*** more to be transferred over by operatives to the anti-ISIS forces -per several latest sources news releases.

Details of 22,000 jihadis revealed in cache of leaked ISIS HR forms

Ripple effects are still reverberating now from this stunning release.
Soon, however, it’s contents may be closed and become Top Secret for authorities useage only, if following the accepted norm.

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Disinformation and security theater.

Do you really think that – if it were real – Scotland Yard would have announced it? This is the kind of thing that they would keep secret, and go kill the Jihadis one by one, secretly.

I don’t believe in the accuracy of this, or the circumstances of its being ‘found’, even for a second.

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This story is spreading from the sensational-conservative portion of the British media and being quoted and cited as such into the mainstream. It has yet to reach the London Times (conservative, non-sensational), NY Times, or the LA Times. These papers are probably checking the story thoroughly. They’ve been caught with their pants down before by quoting sensational media blithely.

This is an important story with major ramifications, but it is good to take a wait-and-see attitude on these things. It seems to have originated with the Daily Mail which have not given a verifiable source and was immediately echoed by Sky News (FOX News equivalent), citing The Daily Mail as the source.

The Daily Mail has broken some good stories in the past, but they also have a reputation for bending the truth, jingoism, racism, homophobia, pandering to the lower nature of their readership, etc., and have been involved a multitude of suits because they have played fast and loose with the truth.

I personally will wait to see if this story is picked up by large news services with better journalistic reputations—which looks likely. It will be only a matter of hours.

FOX just picked it up. Still waiting…

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Danger! Danger, Will Robinson!!!

A few years ago there was a site that supposedly listed sex offenders in your neighborhood. A woman at work sent the link around to everyone she knew including FB friends. Type in your address and it would show you a google maps version with the offenders’ houses marked “for your safety”. (Gosh! I didn’t know Mr McKeever was a sex offender!;”) UNFORTUNATELY, it was a fake. Entering your address effectively put your house on someone else’s map search a month or so later.
How many lives and reputations did that scam destroy?

Ignore it!

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Correction: The story was broken by SKY News and immediately picked up by The Daily Mail. SKY News describes their source:

_“The files were passed to Sky News on a memory stick stolen from the head of Islamic State’s internal security police, an organisation described by insiders as the group’s SS…The man who stole it was a former Free Syrian Army convert to Islamic State who calls himself Abu Hamed.” _

There is no other mention of Mr. Abu Hamed in the report. A cursory google search brings up a Abu Hamad (also spelled Abu Hamed), a town in the Sudan on the right bank of the Nile, about 345 miles north of Khartoum. The second listing is a Abu Hamed, a politician in the People’s

Abu Hamed is, at this point in time, an unverifiable source and this weakens the veracity of the story. It is best to take a wait-and-see attitude. The provenance of SKY News (which is owned by Twentieth Century Fox and Rupert Murdoch’s NewsCorp) and it’s reputation for sensationalism and skewing facts in order to attract viewers, screams for further inventigation by other services before this story can be taken seriously.

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It would be dangerous to publish this list for many reasons, paramount of which would be to incite illegal and unrestrained vigilantism and extra-judicial murder to rid IS of their own undesirables.

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@Espiritus_Corvus Absolutely. I wonder how many innocent bystanders got pounded or were discriminated against due to the phony sex offender list.
“Hey! It’s on the Interwebz. It must be true!”

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WIRED is treating it as real, and that it is not being made public, but has been given to security agencies.

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Here you go.
Have at it.

Hack Brief: ISIS Data Breach Identifies 22,000 Members – WIRED

Plans by ISIS to attack U.S. may have been disrupted

ISIS Files Leaked Revealing Over 22,0000 Recruites – Inquisitr News

MSN: The Isis papers: leaked documents show how Isis is building its state ( upd)

ISIS leak reveals exiled British hate preacher has been recruiting UK jihadis – Mirror Online

Aww- you’re on your own now.
Try Fox News. You never know, huhn?

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