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What do adults think of The Brave Little Toaster?

Asked by Lunar_Landscape (301points) March 10th, 2016

I just watched it for the first time in over ten years a few days ago, and found out that it was way more dark and disturbing than I had ever realized before. I think this movie might actually be better suited for adults or at least older children, because I wasn’t able to appreciate all of its mature themes until I was older. Is a G rating really appropriate for a movie like this?

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I always liked films like this for my children, the ones that were layered. The tiny ones rarely see the darker themes, and just enjoy the characters and the animation. As they get older, the more complex themes are understood and appreciated.
So many childrens’ movies have varying levels of thematic conflict, some well done, some not.

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The layered themes allow the show to be entertaining for many age groups.

Imagine my shock when I watched Fern Gully as an adult and finally realized it was a HUGE political commentary.

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