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R.I.P Buster...

Asked by johnpowell (17848points) March 11th, 2016

I learned tonight that Buster decided to take his own life.

He was a good guy and we used to hang out in the same scene in Portland. We talked about skating at Burnside and the best grilled cheese is at The Roxy.

R.I.P my friend.

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I do remember Buster. He was a really good guy. I hope he is at peace.

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It bothers me that so many of the brightest, most colorful, and always interesting people choose to checkout early.

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How sad. I really liked him.

This is at least the third jelly who has taken their own life. :(

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I am too recent to have known of him.
I am sorry about the sad news.
My condolences.

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God. I’m sorry for him and for your loss. His profile says he was only 30 years old… Death by suicide is even more sudden and disturbing than any illness.

I know how you feel. Please don’t hesitate to find support here. We would try to help you.

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Suicide is so awful. It’s one of those things, while I understand how it ties into depression or hopelessness, I just can’t see how you make such a final decision.

I’m really sorry about Buster, @johnpowell. I hope you’re okay. ((HUGS))

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You can only take solace in the fact that his torment is over.

Be glad you were there to share some of his good times, @johnpowell. He’d want you to remember that, above all. It keeps a bit of him alive and should get you through this darkness.

Buster wouldn’t want you to hurt. That’s what he escaped.
I know it’s bittersweet right now, but try to hold on to the crazy normal every-day stuff you did together.

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RIP Buster.

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So sorry for you, JP, and for the Fluther community. The loss of one diminishes us all.

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Ohh..that’s really sad..With due respect to the departed sole I really fail to understand why people choose death over life..there are so many people around the world living in worst condition than ours, fighting for life every day and night for basic things like food / water / shelter.Life is such a precioues gift given to us which we can utilize for good of our own / others in so many ways…

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@imrainmaker , oft times when people suicide it isn’t about life or the world being good enough, it is because they feel futile about themselves. I’m not saying that was the case here, I knew nothing of him, but in general.

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I’m so sorry to see this. I really valued his knowing comments and learned from him, and I appreciated his willingness to expose some darker things in order to share what he knew. I’m sad for the loss to this community and especially for your loss of a friend.

I wish he’d left his “Greatest Answers” category open.

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I hope he has found the peace that he couldn’t here.

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Took guts Buster! Hope he is at peace.

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Aw, I loved Buster. This is so sad. Thank you for letting us know, @johnpowell. <3

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