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How do I stop Ask from trying to reset my home page every time I open a new window?

Asked by Dutchess_III (42452points) March 11th, 2016

Every time I open a new window I get a pop up that says:
“Firefox Homepage Change Notification. Your home page has been changed by another application.”
Then it gives me the option of “Reverting to my previous page,” or “Continue with the new home page.”
If I don’t check “Revert” it brings up Ask as my search engine. Bleh.

At the bottom left, in small font it says, “Distributed by Mindspark Interactive Network, inc.”
At the bottom right it says, “Fun Popular Game Toolbar.”

I know where it came from. I pulled up Spider Solitaire yesterday for a bit, but how do I get rid of it?
There are no games in the program list to uninstall.
There are no games anywhere when I search Windows.
I unchecked all but Firefox in my internet options window.

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Maybe you need to go back to the Uninstall list again. Look for any suspicious program that you don’t remember installing or has a suspicious name like “FunGameToolbar”. See how it goes.

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I’ve looked a couple of different times. I sorted by dates so I could check yesterday in particular. I’ve only had this computer for a week so my list isn’t very long. There is nothing out of wack there.

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Argh the bastards. They put this in other products (notably Java). A lot of programs will have the “install toolbar” option in their installers and we’re all used to clicking OK through everything.

Anyway, three steps.

1. Remove from Programs
Sounds like you tried the standard way
So escalate to the free trial of Revo Uninstaller

2) Remove from browser(s)
How to Remove

3) Remove hidden crap with AdwCleaner
How to remove “” virus

Extra credit 4)
I would also install “Malwarebytes“ afterwards and scan. The free version is fine (It requires you to manually start it). The $24.95/year version automatically scans and is nice if it’s withing your budget.

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You are just my savior today @jaytkay! Can I take you home with me??

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Thank you. As I said, it isn’t in my list of programs, but the Revo Uninstaller found it, I think. I’ll let you know.

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I found anything Ask sucks, I make sure I don’t accidentally install it, and if I do I uninstall it right away.

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@SQUEEKY2 It is NOT in my program list. That’s the first place I looked. I don’t know where it’s installed. I downloaded @jaytkay‘s Revo uninstaller, and it looked like it found it and uninstalled it…but it’s still doing it. I go at it again Monday.

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Don’t forget steps 2 and 3.

Ask really is malware and very tenacious. I would run Revo again and steps 2, 3, and 4.

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I will when I get back to my lap top on Monday. Thank you very much.
The bitch is, I know when it happened, and I didn’t even install anything, at least nothing that asked to be installed.

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@jaytkay, OK, re step 2: On my home computer step 2 just takes to an Ask uninstaller page On my laptop, here at work, which is where I need to remove it, it just takes me to the Ask homepage where you can ask dumb questions.

I googled How To Remove Ask. Found this downloaded and saved uninstaller, but when I tried to execute it, it said download failed. Tried it 3 times. Any ideas on that?

Going to repeat step 1, and execute 3, if I can.

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Was able to execute step 3, so we’ll see what happens next!

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I think step 3 got it. Thanks so very, very much @jaytkay.

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